Compact, cost efficient and high-quality – Canon launches the LX-MU500Z laser installation projector

London, UK, 5 April 2018 - Canon Europe today launches the LX-MU500Z, a cutting-edge compact laser installation projector, ideal for academic institutions or corporate environments. Boasting 5,000 lumens, native WUXGA resolution, Digital Light Processing (DLP) panel technology, vivid colour and 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, the LX-MU500Z is the perfect high-quality imaging partner to bring classroom lessons and boardroom presentations to life.

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Canon LX-MU500Z

High brightness and exceptional image quality
The LX-MU500Z provides 5,000 lumens to guarantee the brightest image in a variety of installation environments, from well-lit classrooms to open meeting spaces. The projector comprises a blue laser and yellow phosphor wheel to provide sharp and realistic colour, plus high brightness. Bright and dark areas on the screen are displayed with incredible accuracy, making the LX-MU500Z indispensable for teachers seeking to engage their students visually, the outstanding delivery of a new business pitch or an impactful keynote at a conference.

With native WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200), the LX-MU500Z delivers an incredibly sharp image output with easy-to-read text, and smooth graphics and video. This native resolution is highly advantageous for clear and impressive presentations, as well as digital signage and entertainment environments. High-quality DLP technology adds to the stunning imagery by removing the lattice effect found on traditional LCD projectors. The LX-MU500Z’S high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio allows deep, pure colours and a true reproduction of black areas, creating an enhanced viewing experience. The vivid images generated are excellent for impressing new business prospects or making an impact in an in-store demo.

Industry leading flexibility
The LX-MU500Z is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install or move around, even in challenging installation spaces. With a laser light source, the LX-MU500Z does not need to be moved to replace consumables, ideal for a busy office or bustling college. Operating as quietly as 35 dB, it can be installed in the quietest of environments to provide distraction free projection.

For ease in any 360-degree orientation, the LX-MU500Z has a large lens shift of +/-50%, portrait projection and four corner keystone correction. This means that at whatever angle it is installed, even off axis, its images and geometry can be corrected. The LX-MU500Z comes with HDBaseT, a standard for transmitting HD images, audio and control signals over long distances and a CAT5e cable can be used, spanning up to 100m. These features ensure the LX-MU500Z can be installed in any venue with long-range projection requirements, such as large conference rooms or lecture halls. The built-in LAN port can be leveraged for monitoring and control. This is particularly beneficial for resource-restricted education establishments as it enables IT staff to easily diagnose faults - saving time and expense on maintenance.

With five image modes and two definable user models, the LX-MU500Z guarantees that all projected media is reproduced to an accurate and beautiful standard – vital for detailed technical or medical teaching presentations. The LX-MU500Z is also capable of receiving various types of 3D signal, permitting clear and immersive 3D content to be displayedi. This can add a new dimension to creative installations or presentations in lecture rooms.

Cost and power efficiency
The LX-MU500Z leverages a blue laser diode and yellow phosphor wheel, which can last up to 20,000 hours; significantly longer than lamp-based light sources. With no parts to replace, the LX-MU500Z is easy to maintain and inexpensive to run. Costs for the LX-MU500Z are further controlled by an instant on/off light source and reduced power consumption in both normal and standby mode. Should the LX-MU500Z develop a fault, a free replacement will be provided the next day under Canon’s long-term five-year warrantyii. This limits downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership.

LX-MU500Z Key Features:

  • Native WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels)
  • 5,000 lumens
  • DLP technology
  • Blue laser diode with yellow phosphor wheel
  • 20,000 hours light source life
  • Four corner keystone correction
  • Canon 5-year warranty
  • Free next-day loan unit during servicing

i For use with compatible 3D glasses (not supplied)

ii Terms and conditions apply, varies by territory


LX-MU500Z Images

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