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A man wearing a non-surgical face covering and a grey t-shirt, looks out of the window, towards the sky. The glass reflects the outside world, other houses, trees, a fence and the sky. ARTICLE

Created by one, chosen by many

All shot on Canon cameras, all tell a story of a year like no other. What do these five most downloaded photos from Getty Images tell us about 2020?

17 September 2020
A long-haired person in fur-trimmed parka and navy-blue hat and scarf stands to the right of the picture, facing blurred evening lights, turned away from the camera. ARTICLE

The art of the faceless selfie

Faces matter. So why are so many Instagrammers turning their backs on the camera to create content that leads viewers to draw their own conclusions?

21 September 2020
Geometric digital landscape with particles dots and stars on black background. ARTICLE

Put purpose first: How to find your feet in Industry 5.0

Intimidated by Industry 5.0? Print industry expert Karis Copp shares advice for businesses looking to dip a toe into the next Digital Transformation.

10 September 2020
The body of a man in a high-vis jacket, he stands in a warehouse holding a tablet computer. ARTICLE

Manufacturing’s new flexible friend

Manufacturing needs to be agile to meet a fluctuating future. Combining human ingenuity with cobotic capacity could be just the place to start.

14 September 2020
Interconnected cogs, engraved with the words 'good mood', ‘positive thinking’, ‘positive energy’ and ‘optimism.’ ARTICLE

How to create a workplace where mental health can thrive

The success of an organisation begins and ends with its people. So how can we foster a culture in which employees feel safe, supported and valued?

07 September 2020
Taken from above, a teenage boy wearing a peach t-shirt and brown trousers sits on a tiled floor using a laptop. He has shelves behind him and stationery around him on the floor. ARTICLE

A better blend of learning

Online education can be a tough ask, but new resources, formats and collaborations could make blended learning a global standard in the future.

03 September 2020
A close up of the Canon V-20 home computer, showing the text ‘HOME COMPUTER V-20 65K’, the power indicator and F keys. Image courtesy of Thames and Hudson ARTICLE

The Canon V-20, home computing icon

Nearly forty years ago, Canon released the V-20, a pioneering home computer with multimedia in its sights. Today it’s become a computing icon.

27 August 2020
A crowd of closely packed people smiling with their arms raised. ARTICLE

Pure joy in an unpredictable world

For a decade, Canon Ambassador Daniel Etter has seen the power of his images, but he still has the capacity to be surprised by moments of pure joy.

31 August 2020
A collage of colourful photographs, including pictures of people, places, landscapes, flowers and objects. ARTICLE

What lies around the edges: the unseen value in our photos

Your photos may not just be valuable to you. Visual and historical anthropologist, Prof. Elizabeth Edwards tells us what can be learnt from our snaps.

17 August 2020
A woman wearing a business suit pulls back a red curtain to reveal a bright blue sky and clouds. ARTICLE

‘Breaking the fourth wall’ and other ways to be a great boss in a virtual world

The ‘new normal’ has given us a great opportunity to look at the way we lead. Industry expert David Meade offers some sound advice for the future.

24 August 2020

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