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A close-up shot of a model’s face, which is partially covered in a sheer purple material. Her eyes are made up ‘watercolour style’ in pastel shades of purple, green and blue and she has gems alongside her nose. ARTICLE

Scroll-stopping beauty

The beauty trend for ultra-close ups requires nothing short of polished perfection to stop viewers in their tracks. How do photographers and make-up artists make it happen?

18 February 2021
A seal, lying on its side, covers its eyes with its paws. ARTICLE

Hey, what GIFs?

However you pronounce it, the GIF is a fun way to speak volumes without saying a word. Learn more about LOLs on a loop and why they’re so useful.

22 February 2021
Two women in lilac jumpsuits stand against a colourful backdrop. They each have an arm outstretched. Behind them is a man standing behind a DJ booth that is labelled ‘chelmico’. © Warner Music Japan Inc. ARTICLE

Watching from within at Canon’s volumetric video studio

Canon Inc. has opened a new ‘volumetric video’ studio in Kawasaki, where artists and directors can create truly immersive multi-dimensional content.

04 February 2021
A woman in a polka dot skirt and white t-shirt charges her white electric vehicle. ARTICLE

2021 and the new agenda for sustainability

2020 was a year of necessity that inadvertently gave great sustainability rewards. In 2021, organisations are looking to make more permanent shifts.

08 February 2021
A group of seven young people, sat and stood, all look towards something unseen to the right of the image. One has a dog on her lap. ARTICLE

The next generation of print

Like every industry, print needs fresh ideas and innovation. Duygu Sanac Keçeci believes that attracting a new generation of talent is key.

01 February 2021
A woman stands with her back to the camera, watching an orange sunset over dark mountains. She wears a pale dress, and her hair is worn up, with tendrils outlined in shadow. ARTICLE

The visual poetry of Maud

Canon Ambassador Maud Chalard puts time on pause and invites you to lose yourself in her cinematic world of beauty, feminine freedom and nostalgia.

28 January 2021
A bearded and bespectacled man sits in his home office, at his computer. He is on a conference call with four other people. ARTICLE

Hiring in a hybrid world

When we can’t be in the same room, hiring great talent can be challenging. EMEA Talent Lead, Chris Wilcock shares some advice for recruiting in 2021.

25 January 2021
On the right, a small silhouette of a couple walking across golden sand dunes at dusk, leaving footprints behind them. Far on the horizon, a huge bright sun begins to set. ARTICLE

Imaging to transform our world

Technology is exciting and powerful, but its true purpose lies in the way it can changes lives, support businesses and show us the unforgettable.

18 January 2021
Scattered photos of happy family scenes, taken outdoors in summer. ARTICLE

Feeling sentimental?

‘Nostalgic consumption’ was the go-to comfort zone for 2020. But where does this wistful need for events past come from? And what does it do for us?

14 January 2021
A futuristic cityscape at night, with dozens of skyscrapers lit up in blue light. ARTICLE

2021 Video Analytics Predictions & Trends

Video analytics is right at the cutting edge of technology and every new development takes us closer to a smarter world. Discover what’s new for 2021.

11 January 2021

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