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A woman in a pink bikini and goggles swims through royal blue water. To her right are the bubbles that signify impact into the water and her reflection further beyond them. ARTICLE

Finding courage in the creative process - Part 3

In the third of this three-part series, Canon Ambassador Dafna Tal invites you to examine advanced tips to find your courage when taking on new projects.

23 June 2022
A black and white photograph of a back of a man, silhouetted, stood in front of at the bright white light of window. On either side, the walls are black. ARTICLE

Exploring the retina as a window to the brain

Inflammation of the optical nerve can be an early indicator of Multiple Sclerosis, so OCT retinal scanning can be a key tool for future diagnosis.

16 June 2022
A man in a black referee’s uniform stands on a football pitch with his right arm outstretched. To his left and rear is a footballer wearing a yellow top, blue shorts and matching socks. There are blurred figures in the background who appear to be sat in the players dugout. Behind them are the crowd, who are watching the match. ARTICLE

Strength, hope and football: A Black referee’s story

Every time he steps out onto the pitch, Canon UK’s Aji Ajibola takes his place in footballing history – with all the joy and responsibility it brings.

20 June 2022
A young boy wearing a white, red and blue striped polo shirt. In his left arm, he holds a puppy. His right hand is aloft, holding a red ice lolly. Behind him is the blue sky of a sunny day and indistinct greenery. There is also a white building that can be partially seen on the right. ARTICLE

Painting pictures with passion and purpose

“Challenge plus purpose equals fulfilment” says Canon Ambassador Clive Booth. His love for his work and empathy for others is evident in every image.

26 May 2022
Two women – Jane Wanjiru Mumbi and Mercy Owegi. Both are wearing face coverings and only with head and shoulders visible, are facing left as though looking at something. The woman on the furthest left holds a Canon video camera. Behind them stand two further women. ARTICLE

Calling the shots

Four young women in Nairobi are enjoying successful careers in the film industry thanks to K-Youth Media. A new documentary showshow they got there.

30 May 2022
A blonde woman with shoulder length hair and a headset mic, surrounded by seated and standing men, whose faces are largely blurred. Only her upper body can be seen, but she is wearing a multicoloured dress of blocks of different patterns – stars, zigzags and triangles. ARTICLE

The more ideas, the faster the future

Futurist Liselotte Lyngsø believes in the transformative power of ideas, but how do we keep coming up with great concepts that keep us ahead of the game?

23 May 2022
A man in black swimming shorts, shown as he enters the water. He has clearly jumped or fallen in with some force, as the disturbance of white water can be seen behind him from his entry on the left. On the right, the water is clear, calm and deep blue. ARTICLE

Finding courage in the creative process - Part 2

In the second of this three-part series, Canon Ambassador Dafna Tal invites you to examine your fears to find courage when taking on new projects.

16 May 2022
A Canon printer sits on a wooden desk. It has just printed iron-on transfers of three hearts and a further five more are sat on the desk in front of it. On the table there are also a folded white t-shirt with a heart illustration printed on the front left-hand side, some coloured pencils, seven small tubes of paint and a pack of Canon light fabric iron on transfer paper. ARTICLE

Speak up about mental health by being a good listener

To break the stigma around mental health we must all speak up. But if someone wants to talk about how they are feeling, what’s the best way to listen?

08 May 2022
A laptop, viewed from the side, sits open on a table by a window with office-style blinds. Upon its keyboard is a smartphone. The screen shows a login page against a black background. ARTICLE

The four password myths everyone should know

Do you change your password regularly? Or – gasp! – write them down? Are you relying on them to protect you? Find out if you’re doing the right thing.

01 May 2022
Athletes line up on the track to face the stadium crowd. They hold hands and raise them above their heads. Some are wearing their nations flags on their shoulders. Others simply bear their bib numbers. ARTICLE

Where will you find us at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games?

The countdown to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is on and there’s plenty to be done! Find out what it means to be part of this special event.

25 April 2022

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