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A brown paper envelope and the edge of a brown kraft paper card, on a table, surrounded by white rose-like flowers. ARTICLE

The timeless joy of sending (and receiving!) a card

We haven’t been sending as many lately, but greetings cards to loved ones can be loaded with so much more significance than a text message or email.

06 May 2021
A glass office building on the left, against a blue sky with light clouds. The sun reflects brightly off the building. ARTICLE

4 ways that sustainability awards can help your business

Awards are always great, but they’re more than just an accolade. They are also a great way to understand, develop and share your sustainability story.

10 May 2021
A hand holds a smartphone near the touchscreen of a Canon imageRUNNER office machine. ARTICLE

Safe to touch

As we slowly return to the workplace, organisations are looking at different ways to make shared surfaces safe for the many hands that use them.

26 April 2021
A photo taken from above of two children – one in a blue denim jacket, the other in a pink knitted top. One child holds a large Canon camera in their hands, with the strap around their neck. They both peer, smiling, at the screen on the back of the camera. ARTICLE

“Grab the camera, we’re going for a talk…”

Any parent will tell you that getting a child to open up and talk isn’t always easy. Find out how picking up your camera and taking a walk can help.

29 April 2021
A shot of the rear of a white electric car being charged using a charger with a yellow cable. In the background, a blurred long-haired person in a blue skirt and white top walks away, carrying a cream-coloured bag over their shoulder. ARTICLE

3 ways to celebrate Earth Day in your office all year round

Where you go, what you do and how you say goodbye all have an impact on our planet. Set your intentions today to make a real difference to our future.

19 April 2021
A women in a red dress is walking in the desert. She is tiny and the desert is massive as the sand stretches far. ARTICLE

The desert was closed

Nanna Navntoft uses photography to add a new aspect to her written work. Now she explores human stories by immersing herself in a fully holistic way.

22 April 2021
A ‘selfie’ of explorer Richard Garriott. He has a grey beard, blue eyes and an earring in his left-hand ear. He wears a red hat and scarf, and a blue jacket, of which only the shoulder is pictured. Behind him are the control panels of the submersible DSV Limiting Factor, with many round white lights. (© Richard Garriott de Cayeux, using Canon EOS R / Canon RF24-105mm F4 IS USM) ARTICLE

Richard Garriott, the storyteller from space and sea

He’s been to space, both poles and the deepest known point in the ocean and uses his adventures to share the stories of young people with the world.

15 April 2021
A person with short dark hair and wearing a grey hoodie stands with their back to the camera. They are facing four out of focus pictures in black frames with white mounts, hanging on a white gallery wall. ARTICLE

A simple guide to NFTs for the jargon-free

ICYMI, NFTs are taking the digital world by storm. So, don’t DYOR – we’ll cut the jargon and find out how big money is changing hands for small files.

12 April 2021
A woman sits on a desk in front of a huge ornate, rose gold mirror, in which the room is reflected. She is wearing a mint green halter neck dress with ruffles. In front of her, on the desk, is an assortment of objects – vases, with dried flowers, books, perfume bottles and small glass objects. ARTICLE

In Your Eyes: The business of being Onyi Moss

Inspiring and beautiful, the Instagram of content creator, Onyi Moss is like a spa for the eyes. But glamour and luxury is very much a full-time job.

29 March 2021
On the right, an ophthalmologist in a white lab coat and black and red striped polo shirt, looks intently at the display of a Canon Tonometer. On the other side of the machine, a patient holds their head against the machine, looking into it for their examination. ARTICLE

Providing eye care in the heart of Africa

In impoverished countries, sight loss is an emergency, but diagnostic tools are scarce. Canon Medical distributor Franco Sonnino wants to change that.

01 April 2021

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