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Four hands touching. Article

What it means to survive

‘Voice of Freedom’ is a photography exhibition which brings the voices of formerly enslaved women from Nigeria to the public for the first time.

17 May 2019
City street with a colourful speed/motion effect applied ARTICLE

Data: It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Data by itself is just data. Without a clear plan of how to use it, you could miss out on its huge potential for transformative change.

20 May 2019
Audun Rikardsen’s father, captured above water, also showing the fish under water, using a split photography technique. ARTICLE

Connecting two worlds

Canon Ambassador Audun Rikardsen shares one of his most personal photographs of his disabled father capturing a salmon in the river Alta in Norway.

13 May 2019
Gavin Turk’s bronze egg sculpture entitled ‘Oeuvre (Verdigris)’  ARTICLE

What is an egg?

Controversial artist, Gavin Turk brings his ‘Oeuvre’ to Photo London and asks the world’s photographers “what is an egg?”

16 May 2019
Black letters on a pink background saying “you here” ARTICLE

People, Process or Tech? The key to finding your digital mojo

Digital transformation is nothing new, but it’s still a talking point because so few have it nailed. So, what are some of the building blocks of success?

06 May 2019
Shot of a forest in Summer from below, with yellow-green leaves and bright blue sky ARTICLE

What kind of storyteller are you?

Telling stories is as old as time, but no two storytellers are the same. What kind are you?

09 May 2019
A boy points at a lightbulb, as a small girl watches closely ARTICLE

Imaging for Good: Modern-day storytellers

Storytelling is in Stephan Gloudemans blood. He shares how his son teaches his little sister about solar energy, carrying on a family tradition.

02 May 2019
A crowd of people, photographed in black and white ARTICLE

GDPR: A heart-warming tale of good data

GDPR isn't the ugly ogre that everyone feared. In fact, it can result in a virtuous circle of trust that ends in a happy ever after for everyone.

29 April 2019
‘For hire’ sign ARTICLE

The more we share, the more we have

No space, short on cash or just commitment-phobic? Then the sharing economy is perfect for you. Discover our favourite ways to rent, share and do good.

25 April 2019
Close upon the face of Rembrandt’s Portrait of an Elderly Man (Copyright: Mauritshuis collection, The Hague) ARTICLE

Recreating Rembrandt

To commemorate 350 years since the death of Rembrandt, we discover more on the project to create a touchable replica of a masterpiece.

22 April 2019

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