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A pair of round ‘John Lennon’ style purple-tinted spectacles on a purple background. ARTICLE

Purple reigns: the colour of 2022

According to the tastemakers at EyeEm and Pantone, 2022 is looking positively purple. So, what makes it the colour that’s so right for the new year?

13 January 2022
The front of the Women's Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. It is a white tiled building that appears to be on stilts. It has a red-lettered sign saying 'women's pavilion' on the front. ARTICLE

Sisters in cinema: female filmmakers examine the industry

How do female filmmakers find success? Three successful women in the film industry talk determination, networking and togetherness at Expo 2020 Dubai.

10 January 2022
On the right, the lower body of a person sat on a couch and wearing beige trousers. They have a clipboard on their lap and is writing with a red pen. Beside them on the left is an open grey laptop and a mobile phone. They are surrounded by children’s colourful building blocks. ARTICLE

Expo Talks: Cybersecurity and the WFH world

In this episode of ‘Expo Talks’, Quentyn Taylor and a panel of cybersecurity experts discuss learnings from two years of a world working from home.

06 January 2022
Four girls stand in a circle, playing trombones and trumpets in a dirt yard, in front of a fence. ARTICLE

Life goes on

In Rwanda and Eastern Congo, Finbarr O’Reilly saw the impact of images that only tell part of the story and decided to work on changing the narrative.

03 January 2022
A brown-haired, bearded man sits at a desk with a red-haired woman wearing a plaid shirt and glasses to his right and a brown-haired woman wearing a white shirt and glasses to his left. All three look at a white computer screen and the man has a keyboard in front of him. ARTICLE

Expo Talks: Digital skills, now and for the future

Demand for digital skills is high, but supply is lagging. Alex Thurgood discusses how we can all meet the challenge in this Expo 2020 Dubai webinar.

20 December 2021
A black and white aerial architects’ illustration of a building, rendered with different thicknesses of lines to denote outer and inner walls shaped of squares and rectangles. It also uses a cross-hatching illustrative technique to show differing usage areas. Around the outside are lightly drawn aerial views of trees and foliage, including details of branches. ARTICLE

Inspiration to construction and the paper in between

In a digital world, there are still some places where paper brings the magic and Belgium’s Atelier d'Architecture de Genval is one such place.

13 December 2021
The face of a woman as she looks directly at the camera. She wears a painted neon yellow and red crosshatch pattern on her eyes, a matching head-wrap and neon yellow hoop earrings. © Wendy Asumadu ARTICLE

Welcome to Wendy’s World xox

Wendy Asumadu thought she’d quit her job at the very worst time, but extraordinary circumstances opened a new world of opportunities and communities.

09 December 2021
Cut out orange and grey shapes of birds, against a blue sky, with trees on either side. This is the view from beneath of a section of the Terra Sustainability Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. ARTICLE

Sustainability takes centre stage

What is big business doing to build a better future? More than you realise. Today’s large organisations are putting sustainability front and centre.

02 December 2021
A person swimming under the sea, wearing goggles, a wetsuit and flippers. They are holding an underwater camera and pointing it directly at the camera. Behind them is the seafoam above. ARTICLE

It all starts with a dream. What’s yours?

Gonzalo Pasquier always dreamed of swimming with whales, but never thought it would come true. Until Spain’s Blue Banana clothing made magic happen.

29 November 2021
An explosion of CMYK colour from the centre of the image outwards. ARTICLE

Print power: innovative, human, sustainable

Print’s not going anywhere. During a panel discussion at Expo 2020 Dubai, print professionals looked to the future and the many powerful opportunities.

25 November 2021

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