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A couple kissing in a car. The windscreen slightly steamed. ARTICLE

Born Free

For 12 years, Ilvy Njiokiktjien has documented youth the generation growing up after apartheid South Africa. What she found was hope: love across the boundaries of colour.

13 January 2020
Cheryl stands to the right, with short, blonde hair and black framed glasses. She gently holds a print as it emerges from a Canon PRO-4000 printer. ARTICLE

Tranquillity, reflection, growth and power: the underwater world of Cheryl Walsh

To describe Cheryl Walsh as an underwater photographer is a disservice to her art. In truth, water is simply her conduit to explore the inner world.

20 January 2020
A pen, sat across papers printed with charts. ARTICLE

The channel in 2020: This time it’s personal

With so many challenges ahead, now is the time for the channel sector to think about how to manage a disrupted future.

06 January 2020
Three young women looking at the rear display of a camera ARTICLE

Why Zawadi?

A group of young women used the gift of storytelling to share their experiences of growing up in the informal settlements of Nairobi.

09 January 2020
A hand touches a reproduction of a piece of indigenous artwork. ARTICLE

Please do touch

Luxury eyewear designer, Alain Mikli has joined forces with the Musée Du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac and Océ to turn art into tactile experiences.

16 December 2019
Glitter, sparkles, a streamer and a bauble ARTICLE

The Top 10 of 2019

The most-read VIEW stories of 2019, all in one place!

19 December 2019
Four students in school uniform look at the rear display on a Canon camera ARTICLE

A glimpse into the possible

When the YPP team visited schools in West Cumbria, they were there to teach. But one week with 400 amazing students taught them the power of the future.

12 December 2019
A man, clearly working from home with a laptop on his lap, speaking on a mobile phone. ARTICLES

The connectivity compromise

Should IT professionals be fighting human nature or is there a way for everyone to enjoy the path of least resistance?

09 December 2019
Dozens of different head and shoulders portraits of men and women ARTICLE

Deepfakes Divided: separating good tech from bad intent

Deepfakes are here to stay, but it’s not all bad news – where there is powerful tech, it’s not hard to find people putting it to positive use.

02 December 2019
A stethoscope on top of a pile of folders full of paper. ARTICLE

How can AI help? Reading the language of medicine

Canon Medical Research Europe is developing an algorithm that may help clinicians to faster diagnose suspected stroke patients.

05 December 2019

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