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A woman stands in front of a rusting security grille. She wears a dramatic red cape, which covers her from the neck down, and her head is framed by a halo of black hair. Her face is painted white and a line of black dots stretches from the top of her forehead to the base of her neck, which are inspired by traditional African body art. ARTICLE

Finding truth and building bridges

Photographer and contemporary artist, Aïda Muluneh explores her identity, truth and purpose through her work, and asks the viewer to do the same.

23 November 2020
A bearded man sits against a black background. He is wearing just black shorts and has tattoos on both arms. ARTICLE

More than a model

Claus Fleissner is one of an army of ‘plus sized’ and body positive models who are driving change in the fashion industry through online visibility.

26 November 2020
An immaculate bride and groom stand in a shabby room with the light pouring onto the bride's white dress. She stands with her back to her husband and his arms around her waist, and looks back and up into his eyes.  ARTICLE

Looking for little pockets of light: What it’s really like to be a photographer in lockdown

When lockdown hit and Maria Ashby-Giles' wedding photography business ground to a halt, she rolled up her sleeves and refused to let self-doubt win.

16 November 2020
Two casually dressed young people sit on the carpeted floor of a white walled room, next to some crates with plants on them. They are both looking at a laptop. ARTICLE

Whatever piques your Pinterest

If you thought Pinterest was just an online scrapbook, then it’s time to revisit. As well as being inspired, you can connect, learn, shop and share.

12 November 2020
A barefoot woman in a long white dress with long dark hair sits on a wooden stool in a forest, surrounded by tall, bare trees. She has her hands in her lap and is looking down, so her hair is covering most of her face. ARTICLE

Short scares for big shares

Slasher, supernatural, psychological – there’s every conceivable type of horror movie out there. But fear also comes in different shapes and sizes.

29 October 2020
A selection of ‘polaroid’ style photos of smiling young people. ARTICLE

You can’t be what you can’t see: how FuturePrint is inspiring a new generation

FuturePrint Summit brings the best in technology and ideas to an online audience. But this virtual platform also attracts a welcome new demographic.

05 November 2020
An unseen person in a pale pink sweater holds a pink smartphone in one hand and a credit card in the other. ARTICLE

Fake or No Fake? Five red flags to identify a scam site

Scam websites are increasingly sophisticated – would you know how to spot one? Find out some tried and tested ways to find the deceit in the details.

22 October 2020
Pile of Freshly Chopped Tree Trunks ARTICLE

For the future of our forests

We’re closer to the forest than we think – through paper, packaging, even clothes. But how do we make sure that we’re buying from sustainable sources?

26 October 2020
An image taken underwater. The sea is bright blue and a woman in a bikini and snorkel swims upwards towards the light and bubbles on the surface. © Dafna Tal ARTICLE

A world of emotions

Canon Ambassador Dafna Tal’s visual explorations are a means to understand, embrace and express our innermost emotions and use them to find strength.

15 October 2020
A smiling Doaa bin Thabit stands in front of the logo for Packageha. ARTICLE

Print and packaging for passionate people

Small businesses make the world go around and Saudi-based print entrepreneur Doaa bin Thabit is on a mission to ensure they make a lasting impression.

19 October 2020

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