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A series of interlocking metal cogs, engraved with words that can be partially seen – economic, social, environment, sustainability. ARTICLE

4 ways to make your sustainability story ‘more than green’

Joining up the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability is all a matter of perspective, says Sustainability Director, Peter Bragg.

22 July 2021
A women with long hair in her wedding dress is balancing on fallen trees on the edge of a forest. ARTICLE

The adventure of a lifetime

Pablo and Ana Laguia’s own romance inspired them to ‘mix the perfect with the messy’ and turn wedding photography into a beautiful adventure.

26 July 2021
A person sits in a simulator unit in a darkened room, holding a steering wheel. In front of them is a huge, curved screen upon which a driving scene is projected. ARTICLE

Understanding attitudes to driverless cars

A team at Cardiff University are using a state-of-the-art driving simulator to observe and measure how humans interact with autonomous vehicles.

19 July 2021
A pair of hands holds a smartphone, which is running an app that allows you to scan your own face and try out different lipstick colours. ARTICLE

Print as a portal to a new brand reality

While the predicted boom in AR and VR didn’t quite happen last year, a world of exciting ideas is still out there – they’re just waiting to be printed.

15 July 2021
Four brightly coloured examples of design/photography. ARTICLE

Introducing… The Creative Class of 2021

When creative graduates miss their degree shows, they also miss the important exposure to potential employers. We’ve teamed up with The Drum to help.

12 July 2021
A smiling young woman with her hair in a long blonde braid sits at a desktop computer with keyboard. She wears over-ear headphones and has a big silver microphone positioned in front of her. ARTICLE

Fun, fame and streaming games

Every day, millions of people head to Twitch to get their fix of their favourite gaming streamers – or to stream to others and chase online fame.

08 July 2021
Image of the spacecraft Hayabusa2 approaching the asteroid Ryugu (Image reproduced with kind permission of JAXA) ARTICLE

A dragon, a falcon and the beginnings of the universe

Canon ANELVA’s technology has been helping the Japanese Space Agency to analyse samples from the asteroid ‘Ryugu’, as part of their Hayabusa2 mission.

05 July 2021
Three young footballers run across the pitch. They are wearing grey strips with AON printed on the front. ARTICLE

What a return to the pitch means for healthy hearts and minds

It’s been a quiet year at Man Utd, but for team doctor, Steve McNally, it also means that essential contributions to medical research have had to pause.

01 July 2021
On the right, John Wambugu of MindMe International is surrounded by the children who use the Laibu Mtaani. ARTICLE

Creating change with a camera

John Wambugu’s love of the camera goes beyond taking photos and making films. He’s used it as a means to fund education, create jobs and change lives.

17 June 2021
A medical face covering sat on a white office desk beside what appears to be a blue bottle of hand sanitising gel. Behind these is the upper body of a person sat at the desk, wearing a long-sleeved grey top and typing on a laptop. ARTICLE

Back to the office: advice for you and your manager

As vaccines rollout and offices start to open their doors again, returning might feel daunting. What can you do to make the transition less stressful?

14 June 2021

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