CES 2023: key highlights from the event

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A man dressed in black is wearing a black Canon MREAL X1 mixed reality headset that covers his eyes. It has a neon blue stripe in the space between where his eyes should be. He crouches beneath a virtual representation of the chassis of a vehicle and points a finger to a spot just off the centre.

CES 2023 was the hotly anticipated tech event of the year. We look back at this year’s most inspiring ideas and how we think they’ll change the world.

Billed as the most influential tech event in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is something of an institution and a rite of passage for tech companies.

Set against the backdrop of the iconic Las Vegas Convention Centre, it’s the place where some of the world’s most disruptive technologies have made their debuts – but also where you’ll find solutions to things that you didn’t even realise were a problem.

It’s the perfect opportunity for tech companies – including Canon USA – to showcase their concepts and works in progress, as well as get feedback from the media, peers and tens of thousands of tech-savvy attendees.

This year was no exception. Entertainment giants, carmakers, MedTech start-ups, beauty companies and more all returned to Las Vegas to present enlightening new tech in line with this year’s chosen theme: ‘Human Security for All’. This aimed to support the work of the United Nations, highlighting “how technology helps people to tackle the world’s most pressing problems”.

The timing felt absolutely right. From healthcare to sustainability, tech has once again shown huge potential to address and overcome a wealth of real-world issues. Here are the top areas that took centre stage in 2023.

Digital healthcare & wellness

Healthcare was right at the top of the CES agenda this year.

Learnings from the pandemic have already had a huge here-and-now impact on the way that technology and healthcare intersect – and we saw that largely reflected at the event. Things like self-fitting and remote equipment, virtual healthcare solutions and wearables, and smart toilets were on display, driving transformation across the whole health and wellbeing sector.

On top of that, 2023 has been crucial in highlighting further innovations that use technology to address issues of global health inequality. Much like our webinar predicted at the beginning of 2022, the use of AI and big data is going to continue being a really powerful tool in the field of preventative care.

Cybersecurity & personal privacy

The past few years have seen data protection and privacy gain huge traction both at an individual and a corporate level.

That was the case at CES too, where we saw security solutions presented across a huge range of applications – in households, on our devices, in our cars and, most importantly, in the workplace.

That adds up to many organisations now operating a hybrid working model, which effectively turns millions of homes into an extension of corporate offices. For businesses, that translates into installing stronger security policies, but also rolling out effective education programmes aimed at instilling best practice in individuals and teams.


Technology and sustainability have been tied to each other for a long time and this year’s CES showed their bond is stronger than ever.

Attendees geared up for masses of exciting new tech in the areas of energy conservation, agriculture, smart cities and more. At the same time, plenty of companies also used their keynote platforms and panel discussions to talk sustainability, the goals they are setting and how they’re becoming more energy efficient.

Canon was there to do that too – taking visitors through our responsible recycling initiatives, innovation in sustainable materials management and much more.

The metaverse and Web 3.0

Last year, nothing made more noise at a global level than the metaverse and its fascinating concept of an immersive, inclusive and distributed virtual universe where people interact. And this year was no different.

Early adopters, such as gamers and content creators, have long been showing real excitement and eagerness to invest in the tech that will bring their metaverse ambitions to life. So, once more this year, solutions such as Web 3.0, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, were a huge presence at CES.

Take Canon USA’s Knock at the Cabin movie preview, for example. With plans to release the movie later on in 2023, we gave the public an exclusive preview of some of its most incredible scenes at out stand – and did it using our latest VR imaging innovations.

Find out more about the movie and the outstanding solutions that helped to bring it to life here.