With their stylish designs, our range of handheld, desktop, office printing and scientific calculators are built for every task. Our calculator designs combine simplicity, style and function. Over 55% of our calculator range is partially made from recycled Canon product materials. This supports sustainability and offers the perfect balance of maximum style and minimum waste.

Essential calculators

Essential Series

Inspired by traditional Canon craftsmanship, the essential series combines simplicity, sustainability and user friendliness. From pocket-sized personal portables to larger models, these smart, stylish and lightweight calculators are easy to read and use. The ideal companion for business professionals.

Economical calculators

Economical Series

A modest collection with thoughtful and sustainable design. Created for general households and offices, these models are lightweight, with a curved ‘arc design’ and large angled LCD displays so the numbers can be read easily.

Scientific calculators

Scientific Series

Compact yet powerful, our range of scientific calculators performs up to 610 different scientific and statistical functions. Perfect for professional, school or university use and with slim, lightweight designs, they offer a simple solution to complex problems.

Printing calculators

Printing Series

These calculators incorporate a fast and durable printing unit for clear printouts in one or two colours. Their ergonomic keyboards and large displays add to their convenience and make them perfect for heavy-duty use in busy offices. Their fast print speeds ensure productive performance.

Looking for previous calculators

Find specification and compatible accessories information for older calculator models in our archived products section.