Canon Europe Ambassador Programme

Canon Ambassador Alessandra Meniconzi (© Annick Romanski) Profile

Alessandra Meniconzi

Alessandra is fascinated by the lives and traditions of indigenous people in remote regions of the world. After a decade spent photographing in Asia, more recently she has focussed on the Arctic, sub-Arctic, and India.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Alessandro Trovati Profile

Alessandro Trovati

Milan-based Alessandro has developed a reputation for bold, imaginative, and evocative sports imagery, satisfying a demand from both news and advertising agencies.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Alvaro Ybarra Zavala Profile

Alvaro Ybarra Zavala

Documenting wars, conflict, environmental devastation and human suffering all over the world, Spaniard Alvaro records history as it happens.

10 Nov 2017
Sergey Kivrin Profile

Andrey Golovanov and Sergey Kivrin

Russian sport photography veterans Andrey and Sergey have been an unstoppable force in the discipline for over three decades.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Andy Rouse Profile

Andy Rouse

After working in wildlife photography for more than 20 years, UK photographer Andy has also started to make a stunning impact in the world of aviation photography.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Audun Rikardsen (Photo by Tor Evensen) Profile

Audun Rikardsen

A love of the Arctic led Norwegian marine biologist and photographer Audun to blaze a trail that combined his passions.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Bieke Depoorter (© Jef Boes) Profile

Bieke Depoorter

In 2009, Belgian photographer Bieke caused a sensation with Ou Menya; her candid photographs of strangers photographed in the privacy of their own homes. Her new work continues this trend.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Brent Stirton Profile

Brent Stirton

This South African documentary photographer’s powerful images challenge us all to do something about the difficult scenes he captures.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Carolina Arantes Profile

Carolina Arantes

Carolina’s compelling images are captured in either Europe or South America, but the difficult conversations they provoke are relevant worldwide.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Christian Anderl Profile

Christian Anderl

From mesmerising portraits to groundbreaking music videos, Christian’s reputation for bold imagery has seen him become a sought-after talent in his homeland of Austria and beyond.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Christian Ziegler Profile

Christian Ziegler

Christian’s first love was tropical ecology, and it was while he was documenting life in the rainforest that he discovered his second, photography. From there he went on to become one of the world’s leading nature photographers.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Clive Booth Profile

Clive Booth

After 20 years as a graphic designer, Clive decided to follow his lifelong ambition of becoming a photographer and filmmaker. He’s now in constant demand for his atmospheric fashion, beauty and portrait imagery.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Daniel Etter (© Tamina Zuch) Profile

Daniel Etter

Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel is a Barcelona and Hamburg-based photojournalist whose hard-hitting photos consistently appears in the world’s most prestigious news publications.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador David Noton Profile

David Noton

With a portfolio of jaw-dropping landscape and travel images, David has been leading his field for over three decades.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Eberhard Schuy Profile

Eberhard Schuy

Cologne-based Eberhard’s flair for creative techniques has made him a favourite of advertising agencies and industrial clients around the world.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Eddie Keogh Profile

Eddie Keogh

British sports photographer Eddie has shot a huge range of action-packed events and offers eye-opening new perspectives on whatever he’s captured.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Fernando Guerra Profile

Fernando Guerra

Coming from a family of Portuguese architects paved the way for Fernando Guerra to become a bold architectural photographer with an archive of exceptional shots of contemporary structures.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Franck Seguin Profile

Franck Seguin

An experienced French sports photographer who is also editor-in-chief in charge of the Photo Production department at SAS L'Équipe, Franck has shot a huge variety of different sports, specialising in freediving

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Frits van Eldik Profile

Frits van Eldik

Dutch photographer Frits has a high-octane, petrol-powered passion to capture the energy, grace and drama of elite motorsport with his unique and creative angles.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Giulio Di Sturco Profile

Giulio Di Sturco

Italian photographer Giulio’s captivating documentary work examines themes of human adversity in the face of environmental and technological transformation.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Guia Besana Profile

Guia Besana

Guia is an Italian-born, Paris-based portrait photographer whose work often focuses on women’s issues and the theme of identity.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Helen Bartlett Profile

Helen Bartlett

London-based portrait photographer Helen uses black-and-white photography in natural settings to perfectly capture the unique spirit in every family she works with.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Hilary Roberts (Photo by Sgt Steve Hughes, British Army) Profile

Hilary Roberts

As Research Curator of Photography at the Imperial War Museum and winner of the 2017 Royal Photographic Society Award for Curatorship, highly-regarded industry expert Hilary’s remit includes projects relating to contemporary as well as historic war photography.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Ilvy Njiokiktjien Profile

Ilvy Njiokiktjien

A much-lauded Dutch documentary photographer, Ilvy has worked all over the world, taking photographs for NGOs and major global publishers.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Ivan D’Antonio Profile

Ivan D’Antonio

Ivan is one of Italy’s most promising filmmakers, having already picked up numerous international awards for his short films, commercials and music videos.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Jaime de Diego Profile

Jaime de Diego

Jaime is among Spain’s best action photographers, with over 15 years’ experience of working for an impressive variety of international brands and publishers.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Javier Cortes Profile

Javier Cortés

Spaniard Javier is not only a renowned portrait and fashion photographer but also an award-winning cinematographer and director.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Jérôme Sessini Profile

Jérôme Sessini

Jérôme has covered some of the most significant news stories of the past 20 years, filing images from conflict zones such as Kosovo, Syria and the Ukraine.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Joel Retrato Profile

Joel Santos

Portuguese travel photographer Joel Santos has a knack for capturing compelling and unforgettable imagery, and his adventurous nature also means he eagerly embraces new technology.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassadors Jonathan and Angela Scott Profile

Jonathan and Angela Scott

Kenyan couple Jonathan and Angela aren’t just celebrated photographers, they are also passionate conservationists, authors and TV presenters.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Jörg Kyas Profile

Jörg Kyas

A sought-after photographer and filmmaker with a technical eye, and a long list of high-profile clients, Jorg’s work focuses on people, often to the exclusion of the world around them.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Katya Mukhina Profile

Katya Mukhina

For the last decade, professional photographer Katya has been hailed as one of the top wedding photographers in the world, thanks to her distinctive shots in amazing locations.

10 Nov 2017
A picture of Canon photojournalism Ambassador Kim Ludbrook PROFILE

Kim Ludbrook

The regional chief photographer for Africa for international news photo agency EPA, this South African lensman has covered a variety major stories over his 20-year career, including the funeral of Nelson Mandela and the civil wars in Libya and Liberia.

03 May 2018
Canon Ambassador Lieve Blancquaert Profile

Lieve Blancquaert

Belgian Lieve is a documentary photographer who has gained recognition for her sensitive and engaging approach to difficult subjects.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Lorenzo Agius Profile

Lorenzo Agius

Londoner Lorenzo’s trademark photographic portraits aren’t just images of cultural icons, they have become iconic in their own right.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Maciek Nabrdalik Profile

Maciek Nabrdalik

Maciek is a celebrated Polish documentary photographer whose work focuses on social changes in Eastern Europe.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Magnus Wennman (Photo by Stefan Mattsson) Profile

Magnus Wennman

Magnus is one of Sweden’s most successful photographers, having worked in over 60 countries and is best known for his photojournalism.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Marc Aspland (© Eddie Keogh/Reuters) Profile

Marc Aspland

Brit Marc is chief sports photographer at one of the biggest daily newspapers in the UK, The Times.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Marcin Kin Profile

Marcin Kin

Pole Marcin and his camera have travelled around the world documenting thrilling action sports events, from ice climbing to iconic rallies.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Marina Cano Profile

Marina Cano

Celebrated Spanish nature photographer Marina specialises in African wildlife and her work has been exhibited all over the world.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Markus Varesvuo Profile

Markus Varesvuo

Finn Markus gave up a career in business to become one of the world’s most prolific bird photographers, whose successful books have been translated into seven languages.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Mashid Mohadjerin Profile

Mashid Mohadjerin

Tehran-born documentary photographer Mashid focuses on identity issues and the human condition, and has had her work exhibited internationally.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols Profile

Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols

Legendary American wildlife photographer Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols has served as a long-standing Editor-at-Large for National Geographic.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Nicolai Brix Profile

Nicolai Brix

Nicolai is one of Denmark’s most prolific videographers. He runs the production company B-Visuals and has produced campaigns for a number of mainstream brands.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Paolo Pellegrin Profile

Paolo Pellegrin

Italian star Paolo is behind some of the most astonishing humanitarian photography of the last three decades, documenting conflicts around the globe.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Paolo Verzone Profile

Paolo Verzone

Italian photojournalist Paolo is known for his long-term documentary photo projects, which have been featured in publications such as Time, Newsweek, The Sunday Times Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Pascal Maitre (Photo by Enrique Cueno Bermudez) Profile

Pascal Maitre

French-born photojournalist Pascal records traditions, conflicts and politics in Africa. His 2012 book Amazing Africa collected his favourite images from over 30 years.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Piotr Małecki Profile

Piotr Małecki

Pioneering Polish documentary photographer and videographer Piotr produces stunning images and works that are published in leading newspapers across the world.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Quentin Caffier Profile

Quentin Caffier

Beauty and fashion photographer Quentin cites an eclectic mix of influences on his unique portrait style. He has won as many awards for his cinematography as he has for his stills.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Quentin Caffier Profile

Richard Walch

German action sports photographer and filmmaker Richard relies on his precision and creativity to produce head-turning images of extreme sports and sailing.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Rosie Hardy Profile

Rosie Hardy

A fashion, portrait and conceptual art photographer, Derbyshire-based Rosie likes to tease and beguile with expressive images full of emotion and intrigue.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Samo Vidic Profile

Samo Vidic

Sport, adventure and commercial photographer Samo is driven by a desire to achieve and create images that defy the odds for clients such as Red Bull and Getty.

10 Nov 2017
A picture of Canon wedding Ambassador Sanjay Jogia PROFILE

Sanjay Jogia

With 19 SWPP and nine WPPI awards to his name, Brit Sanjay is one of world's most decorated wedding photographers. Known for his balance of posed and unposed images that are bursting with emotion and charm, he shares his expertise through lectures and workshops around the world.

12 Jun 2018
Canon Ambassador Sébastien Devaud Profile

Sébastien Devaud

Sébastien shoots video for major broadcasters in his native France, as well as producing commercials and music videos for clients across the globe.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Simeon Quarrie Profile

Simeon Quarrie

British filmmaker Simeon uses both stills and video to create powerful pieces of multimedia for his many commercial clients, such as Unilever and Mars.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Simona Ghizzoni Profile

Simona Ghizzoni

Italian-born documentary photographer Simona works on long term projects – embedding herself with her subjects to reveal intimate and compelling stories.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse Profile

Thorsten Milse

German Thorsten is one of the most sought-after nature photographers in the world, with a track record of working with the likes of National Geographic and BBC Wildlife to back it up.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Tom Jenkins Profile

Tom Jenkins

Sports photographer Tom shoots for The Guardian newspaper in the UK and is a lauded lensman, well known for shooting the stories around the field as well as the action itself.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Ulla Lohmann Profile

Ulla Lohmann

German documentary, expedition and adventure photographer Ulla is always looking for incredible opportunities to pit her wits – and her cameras – against the elements.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Uri Golman Profile

Uri Golman and Helle Olsen

Wildlife and conservation photographers Uri and Helle are a Danish husband and wife team who bring us closer to the wild world.

10 Nov 2017
Canon Ambassador Yann Arthus-Bertrand (© Erwan Sourget) Profile

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Environmentalist, activist, filmmaker and founder of the world’s first aerial photography agency, French photographer Yann is most famous for his 1999 The Earth From The Air project and films Human and the upcoming Woman.

10 Nov 2017

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