Canon RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM

Telephoto Lens

Canon RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM

A 135mm L-series telephoto lens with a fast, bright f/1.8 aperture and 5.5-stop Image Stabilizer for creative shooting, day or night.

Wide aperture creativity for beautiful bokeh

See how the RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM’s wide-open aperture and telephoto compression can transform your portraits when compared to other lenses.

  • 50mm

    A natural view close to the human eye

  • 85mm

    Short telephoto view with a pleasing perspective

  • 135mm

    Perfect for shy subjects and great for depth-of-field creativity

Focus on the detail

The RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM is a wonderfully creative lens that offers a unique take on the world around you. Use this to your advantage.


    Less is more

    Close in and see your subject in a whole new way


    Super-smooth filming

    Beautifully fluid focus transitions for a cinematic look


    Capture fast action in low light

    Keep on shooting when the light is low, and the action is fast

Canon Camera

A fast aperture telephoto with great versatility

Capture flattering portraits and details with outstanding subject separation thanks to a longer 135mm focal length and a fast f/1.8, nine-blade aperture, with remarkable depth-of-field control for beautiful bokeh.

Superb image quality, right across the frame

Count on the sharpest possible images thanks to three UD glass elements plus ASC and Super Spectra coatings while a Fluorine layer on the front element guards against dust and dirt.

Canon Camera

Advanced image stabilisation

A 5.5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer1 allows longer shutter speeds to be used for smooth handheld shooting and filming. More stabilisation is on hand with a compatible EOS R series body.

  • Image Stabilizer ON

  • Image Stabilizer ON detail crop

Canon Camera

An outstanding low light performer

Keep on shooting when light levels are against you thanks to a 5.5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer1 that increases to 8-stops with in body stabilisation on a compatible EOS R series camera.

Handling that is second nature

Stay in the moment and be at one with the lens thanks to two custom Lens Function Buttons and a Lens Control Ring that allows fine tuning and control of critical settings, plus focus breathing correction when shooting video2.

Canon RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM
Canon RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM

Strong, silent, dependable

Shoot it in any situation, even close up, to 0.7m (0.26x magnification). It’s an L-series lens with advanced weather sealing – and with a Nano USM motor it’s beautifully silent, too.

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  • 135mm focal length

    Compresses the image for flattering portraits and increased subject separation.

  • 5.5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer*

    Shoot confidently in low light

    *Tested under CIPA standards

  • F1.8 maximum aperture

    For low light performance and shallow depth of field

  • L-series

    Outstanding optical design and construction

  • UD elements

    For exceptionally sharp images with reduced chromatic aberrations

  • Nano USM motor

    For smooth, fast and near-silent operation

  • ASC (Air Sphere Coating)

    To prevent flare and ghosting

  • Lens Function Buttons

    Convenient and customisable for additional control, default to AF-stop

  • Lens control ring

    For extra control over ISO, aperture and shutter



See how the RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM compares to the EF 135mm f/2L USM

RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM

RF 135mm F1.8L IS USM

EF 135mm f/2L USM

EF 135mm f/2L USM

Lens Mount


Maximum aperture


Optical Image Stabilizer

Up to 5.5-stops

Special optical elements

3 x UD
2 x UD

Aperture blades


Closest focusing distance


Maximum magnification


Focusing motor type

Nano USM

Focus breathing correction (with supported cameras)


Lens Function buttons


Control Ring


Filter diameter







What’s in the box

Everything you need to capture stunning wide-aperture portraits and more.

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    1. Tested under CIPA standards
    2. With compatible cameras