Lenses for EOS M

Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

Ultra-wide angle zoom lens with Image Stabilizer and STM, great for stills and movies of landscapes.


  • Ultra-wide 11-22mm EF-M zoom lens

  • Compact, retractable lens design

  • Smooth, quiet STM focusing in movies

  • Dynamic IS for steady movies

  • 3-stop optical Image Stabilizer

  • High image quality

  • 0.15m minimum focusing distance

  • Manual focus ring

Detailed Features

  • Capture dramatic landscapes

    This ultra-wide angle 11-22mm zoom lens for EOS Compact System Cameras fits more in the frame, so you can capture more of your subject in every shot, and delivers dramatic landscapes as well as rich interiors and beautiful architectural photos.

  • Easy to carry alongside your EOS Compact System Camera

    Easy to carry wherever you go, the lens has a compact, lightweight design and retracts when not in use.

  • Smooth, quiet STM focusing in movies

    Recording high quality movies that are always sharply focused is easy with Movie Servo AF. The lens uses STM stepping motor technology for quiet continuous focusing in movie mode, so your movie soundtrack is not compromised when focusing take place. STM also provides smooth focus transition for high quality footage.

  • Dynamic IS for steady movies

    Camera shake is reduced dynamically when shooting movies handheld or if you’re walking to follow the action. Dynamic Image Stabilization is able to correct a larger range of motion that steadies movies shot whilst walking.

  • Sharp images with 3-stop Image Stabilizer

    The EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM delivers steady shots even when shooting handheld in low light. The lens incorporates a three-stop Optical Image Stabilizer, which reduces camera shake and allows you to capture superb low light images and reduced camera shake in all conditions.

  • Great image quality

    Crisp, high-contrast image quality is assured even when shooting in low light thanks to two aspherical lens and one UD lens. The lenses also feature Super Spectra coatings that help ensure accurate colour balance and high contrast as well as suppress flare and ghosting for beautiful images in any lighting situation.

  • 0.15m minimum focusing distance

    With a 0.15m focusing distance you can get closer to your subjects making it great for close up shots as well as landscapes. Set the focusing mode to AF+MF and enjoy a full-time manual override, which makes it possible to adjust focus without leaving AF mode.

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