Impressive image quality

The 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor in the EOS C70 includes our innovative Dual Gain Output technology, first introduced in the C300 Mk III, and delivers exceptionally clean low light image quality as well as over 16 stops of dynamic range.
EOS C70 main unit

A Dual Gain Output Sensor that delivers more

On the DGO sensor, each pixel will read out the image with two different amplification levels, one high and one low, which will then be combined to make a single image. The higher amplification read-out is optimized to capture clean details in darker areas, while the lower amplification read-out is optimized to capture the details in brighter areas. Hence, when combined together at pixel-level accuracy, the details and the qualities on both the highlight, as well as the low light areas will be maintained and enhanced which enables the camera to achieve an impressive higher dynamic range of up to 16+ stops.

Unlike Dual ISO, the benefits of DGO work across a wider ISO range, maximising the dynamic range and image quality regardless of the environment you are shooting in.

The new DGO sensor is also compatible with Dual Pixel AF giving the user greater freedom to achieve the image they desire.

DGO sensor, High Dynamic Range

HDR recording support

Enjoy up to 16+ stops of dynamic range when shooting in Canon Log 2, with characteristics close to film, maximising grading flexibility and shadow detail.

Canon Log 3 also provides exceptional dynamic range while offering a more efficient grading workflow and minimising shadow noise.

The EOS C70 also features Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ), for internal recording of HDR footage instantly without grading.

Natural and truthful colour science

Canon’s Cinema EOS System is renowned for colour science that produces warm natural skin tones and organic colour. The EOS C70 also has a range of colour matrix settings to match other camera types and models.

EOS C70, organic colour production

LUT support

In addition to Canon’s in-built Cinema EOS lookup tables, import custom 3D LUT files for internal recording, for even more efficient colour pipeline workflows.

EOS C70, Video filming using LCD screen, man at the lake


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