Canon Video Enhancement Software v1.0

Enhance your video quality with Canon's professional Video Enhancement Software which delivers improved clarity and cleaner video footage in real time.


Extract clean detail from low light footage taken from Canon High-Sensitivity cameras with software running on small PC in real time. It corrects loss of definition caused by noise and brings you incredible full colour results. Low-light applications include border and coastal observation plus infrastructure facility monitoring.

  • Real time video processing

    Process video in real time with minimal latency. Our software runs on a small box PC directly processing the camera's 3G/HD-SDI video feed.

  • Overcome haze in selectable steps

    Use the software’s Haze Compensation function to reduce the effects of haze in hazy or foggy conditions and adjust its effectiveness in incremental steps. By increasing the subject contrast using this function it makes the object easier to identify.

  • Get the best from dark or bright areas

    Boost image clarity from high brightness situations or in very dark areas. A loss of contrast in these conditions can lose vital information, hindering target identification. The software overcomes this by rescuing blown highlights or brightening shadow areas in luminance areas of critical concern.

  • Lose the noise, gain the detail

    Import direct, uncompressed 3G/HD-SDI video from compatible Canon High-Sensitivity cameras1 into the software and output clear, detailed, low noise footage. Using deep learning technology with Canon’s high ISO image sensors delivers exceptionally clean results.


Compare a frame of unprocessed Full HD video with real time processed Full HD thanks to Canon Video Enhancement Software v1.0.

Video Enhancement Software
Video Enhancement Software

The following cameras are compatible with the Canon Video Enhancement Software v1.0:

MS-500, ME20F-SH, ME20F-SHN, ML-105EF

Operating System
Linux OS, Windows PC for setup in browser

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  1. MS-500, ME20F-SH, ME20F-SHN, ML-105 EF.
  2. All data is based on Canon standard testing methods except where indicated.
    Subject to change without notice.