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Canon UHD DIGISUPER 122AF (UJ122x8.2B AF)

Our flagship 4K broadcast lens boasting premium optics, a 122x zoom range plus built-in 2x Extender, advanced image stabilisation and Auto Focus for the ultimate in sharp footage.

  • Premium 4K image quality

    Advanced optical engineering and a generous use of fluorite and UD glass minimises optical aberration, ghosting and flare and provides premium 4K HDR optical quality throughout the zoom range.

  • 122x zoom (8.2-1000mm) plus 2x Extender

    Featuring a 122x zoom, the lens can be used in wide variety of broadcast scenarios. Furthermore, the built-in 2x Extender allows an even further reach, to an incredible 2000mm focal length.

  • Built in Auto Focus Technology

    The UHD DIGISUPER 122AF (UJ122X8.2B AF) uses auto focus technology for precise focusing which has become even more important for 4K productions. The auto focus can be customized for focus speed, focus area and so on to meet the exact focus requirement for any shooting scenario.

  • Advanced Image Stabilisation

    An advanced image stabilisation system that effectively compensates for a broad frequency of vibrations is particularly critical for maintaining a premium 4K performance when shooting at the telephoto focal length.

  • Full support for virtual systems

    Along with the 20-pin connecter equipped on the UHD DIGISUPER 122AF (UJ122X8.2B AF), the 16-bit absolute value encoder will output accurate lens metadata that is compatible with virtual production systems used in the broadcast industry.

  • Compatible with new FDJ-S31 / 41 Focus Demand

    The FDJ-S31 / 41 is a new Focus Controller designed for Canon’s Auto Focus UHD and HD Box lenses. Featuring a host of AF control options that allows the user to switch between AF and manual focus with ease as well as fine tunes settings such as AF Frame size and focus speed. The FDJ-S31 / 41 also offers three focus modes: FAR, NEAR and STANDARD Mode which adjusts the focus reaction curve according to the control.


  • Premium 4K optical performance

  • 122x zoom (8.2-1000mm focal length range)

  • Advanced Auto Focus Technology

  • Built-in 2x Extender

  • Integral Image Stabilizer

  • Virtual System Compatibility

  • Newly Designed Focus Demand


What’s in the box


  • Hood cap

  • Dust cap

  • Connector cap

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