Professional Video Cameras

Canon XA30

A compact, affordable and versatile professional HD camcorder, ideal for corporate, events and weddings.


  • Wide 26.8mm¹, f/1.8-2.8 lens, 20x zoom with intelligent 5-axis OIS and Dynamic IS

  • 1/2.84” HD CMOS Pro sensor with improved sensitivity for enhanced low-light performance and lower noise

  • Wide DR mode (600%) and Highlight Priority mode² maintain highlight/shadow detail for a more natural image

  • Dual-format recording: Full HD AVCHD (28Mbps) or MP4 (35Mbps) to 2 x SD cards

  • Detachable handle with professional XLR inputs and built-in IR lamp

  • 8.77cm (3.5”) OLED touchscreen for excellent resolution, contrast and colour reproduction

  • 1.56m dot EVF and 45° tilt for flexible shooting

  • Fast and slow motion (x2 to x1200) with interval recording in MP4 mode

  • Built-in dual band WiFi for remote control, file transfer/upload and browser preview

  • GPS capable with optional accessory

Detailed Features


  • Full HD

  • HD Video Lens

  • Wide Angle Lens

  • 20x Optical Zoom

  • Steady shots in every situation

  • Steady shooting on the move

  • Superb low-light shooting

  • DIGIC Processing Power

  • Capture both highlight and shadow detail without the need to grade

  • Prioritise highlight detail

  • Creative time-lapse recording

  • Built-in WiFi for easy remote control

  • 8-Bladed Circular Aperture

  • 28Mbps AVCHD recording

  • 35 Mbps MP4 recording

  • Professional Audio

  • 8.8cm Organic LED touch screen

  • Dual SDXC card slots

  • Instant Auto Focus