Speedlite Accessory

Canon Speedlite EL-10

A powerful and versatile camera flashgun with upgraded communication for greater control and creativity.

  • Bring your portraits to life

    Control the light with a horizontal and vertical bounce, and a versatile power range of 1/1 to 1/1024 for a softer look. Plus, get that extra sparkle in the eye thanks to a catchlight panel.

  • Lightweight and adaptable

    Tweak your settings on the go with the electronic dial, or enable the E-TTL II auto flash to instantly adjust to the correct exposure. It’s also light to carry – perfect for travel or for a longer shoot.

  • Empower your creativity

    The Speedlite EL-10 is your trusted companion, with a wireless camera flash that recharges in just 1.5 seconds, 24-105mm of zoom coverage, and a powerful output with a guide number of 40.

  • Shoot with confidence

    Powered by four AA batteries, this Speedlite flashgun will last at least 260 full power shots. Keep an eye on your battery level and easily adjust settings on the LCD panel, even when the light drops.

  • Intelligent and intuitive

    The 21-pin multi-function foot enables quick communication with the EOS R-system cameras. Adjust settings straight from your camera screen, preset up to three custom modes, and even operate remotely through your Camera Connect App.


  • Bounce head

  • LCD Panel

  • Electronic dial

  • Catchlight panel

  • Wide panel

  • 21-pin multifunction shoe

  • Menu direct button

  • Stand


What’s in the box

  • Canon Speedlite EL-10

  • Speedlite Case

  • Mini Stand

  • Mounting Foot cover

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