K Series Calculators

Canon LS-125KB

Add vitality to working life and reduce your carbon footprint with this desktop calculator made using sustainable materials.

  • An environmentally conscious option

    LS-125KB is made from recycled plastic and NuPlastiQ, an innovative plant-based renewably sourced biopolymer.

  • The power of two

    Extend the life of your calculator with dual power – both battery and solar power at your fingertips.

  • Versatile functionality

    Easily handle complex figures with the large 12-digit display and tax function button to simply add or subtract the predetermined sales tax rate.

  • Reflect your personality

    Complement your home or office environment with a choice of colours: yellow, green, blue or orange.

  • Convenience built in

    LS-125KB offers grand total memory within a slim body design, with a flat monitor and keys for straightforward desktop use.


  • Recycled materials

    Made from recycled plastic and bio-based NuPlastiQ

  • Large display

    12-digit screen

  • Dual power

    Solar and battery

  • Tax calculation

    Simply add or subtract the predetermined sales tax rate

  • Grand total function

    Keep track of multiple calculations

  • Flat display and keys

    Clear desktop visibility


What's in the box

  • Canon LS-125KB

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