Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2

Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2

Small, lightweight and portable, the ST-E2 is a dedicated infra-red transmitter to control two groups of remote wireless receiver Speedlites. It also functions as a focus assist lamp in low light.


  • E-TTL II flash control
  • Ratio control over two groups of flashguns
  • High-Speed sync
  • Up to 10m range outdoors
  • AF Assist beam

Detailed Features

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E-TTL II flash control

Working with the E-TTL II flash metering system, the ST-E2 ensures wireless flash exposures are accurate and consistent in all situations. In complex lighting conditions make use of exposure compensation for more control of light output.

Ratio control

Control the ratio of light output of two groups of flashes for creative results by using the ratio control available on the ST-E2. Controlling the ratio between 1:8 and 8:1 for the two groups of Speedlites provides a wide range of adjustment.

High-Speed sync

Sync the flash at shutter speeds faster than the maximum sync speed of the camera by using high-speed sync flash. This allows you to still shoot at wide-apertures in bright daylight and so make use of faster prime lenses.

Control range

For inside working, the ST-E2 provides a working range of between 12m and 15m. For outside working the range is between 8m and 10m.

AF Assist beam

When shooting in low light conditions, the ST-E2 can emit a focusing beam to ensure sharp results. This beam aids focusing and covers all focusing points on all EOS cameras.

Product Specification

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