Professional Video Cameras

Canon XF205

Professional camcorder with studio connectivity, combining practicality with high-end performance.


  • 20x, f/1.8 wide-angle zoom lens for amazing long-distance shots

  • HD CMOS Pro sensor provides outstanding image quality, even in low light

  • Compact, lightweight design, with 3-ring lens operation and rotatable grip

  • OLED display and 1.23m dot viewfinder enable precise monitoring

  • Share content easily via built in Wi-Fi or Ethernet; record proxy files directly to other devices

  • Dual format recording: broadcast standard 50Mbps MPEG2 codec, plus MP4 in HD or SD

  • Genlock, Timecode, and 3G-SDI terminals for multi-cam integration

  • Wide DR gamma helps to avoid over-exposure

  • 4 channel audio recording; 2 XLR inputs

  • Infrared shooting mode, with enhanced IR lamp

Detailed Features

  • Advanced Canon imaging system

    The XF205 features an advanced camera system capable of providing outstanding images and the responsiveness to deal with all kinds of shooting situations. A 26.8mm wide-angle lens with 20x zoom gets you closer to the action, while Dynamic Optical Image Stabilisation compensates for shake in 5 directions to provide ultra-steady images. A Canon HD CMOS Pro sensor combines with the DIGIC DV 4 processor to delivers stunning picture quality – even in low light – as well as outstanding dynamic range and realistic colour reproduction. Wide DR Gamma helps to reduce over-exposure, whilst an infrared shooting mode means the camera can easily be used at night – ideal for wildlife videographers.Picture quality is complemented by advanced audio functions, with 4-channel Linear PCM audio recording supported.

  • Comfort and precise control

    Compact in size, unobtrusive and a pleasure to use thanks to its 3-lens ring operation and rotatable grip, the XF205 also provides impressively high quality monitoring options. An OLED screen with a 1.23m dot resolution is easy to view, even in bright sunlight, offering better response times, definition, contrast and colour reproduction than LCD equivalents. A sizeable 1.14cm (0.45”) 1.23m dot EVF can tilt up to 68° to accommodate different shooting positions.

  • Versatile recording options

    The XF205's dual format recording feature provides flexibility, speed and data security. Footage can be captured simultaneously in two different formats, providing instant back-up and alternate delivery options. Full HD images can be stored on two CF cards using a broadcast-standard 50Mbps MPEG2 codec, whilst an MP4 version can be saved to an SD card in either Full HD or a lower resolution - ideal for rapid file transfer in applications such as news gathering. It's even possible to stream low resolution proxy files directly to another device such as a smartphone.

  • Integrate and share

    Timecode, Genlock and 3G-SDI terminals allow effortless connection to industry-standard broadcast equipment.Sharing content is easy thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Footage can be reviewed on another device such as a tablet or smartphone, or transferred directly via FTP. This connectivity also allows for remote control of the camera via a web browser, and Canon’s RC-V100 wired remote controller can be configured too.


  • Full HD

  • 20x Optical Zoom

  • Dynamic Optical Image Stabiliser

  • Comfortable handling from various positions

  • Built-in WiFi for easy remote control

  • MXF 50Mbps

  • 4:2:2

  • 35 Mbps MP4 recording