PRISMAlytics Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive overview of your Canon print portfolio and optimise its performance with our simple and secure cloud-based management information tool.
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Data to drive your business

Monitor and manage print performance and simplify your print room processes with our cloud-based solution.

Collect critical data from multiple different Canon production device and view insights in clear and easy-to-use tables and charts – then analyse the data and optimise your fleet.

Key features:
  • KPI dashboard

    Collects key KPI data such as maintenance time, productivity, ink and toner use, and media performance, and displays this information in a periodic dashboard showing activities and consumables for relevant printers.

  • One dashboard for multiple Canon devices and different print controllers

    PRISMAlytics Dashboard provides insights and comparisons on the activities of different Canon print technologies such as web fed, large format and sheet-fed toner/inkjet engines supported by PRISMAsync, Canon PDL and other DFEs.

  • Integration with PRISMAsync

    PRISMAlytics Dashboard is integrated with PRISMAsync driven Canon engines to an even greater extent than other controllers, collecting detailed data on uptime and consumables usage from the heart of your Canon printers.

  • Export data externally

    The open interface lets you export and copy usage data for a defined period (per day, per week or per month) in CSV files, for further processing in other Management Information Systems.


    Learn how PRISMAlytics Dashboard can help you fine-tune your print performance with insights from across your fleet:

  • Understand your fleet at a glance

    PRISMAlytics Dashboard is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution and presents your data in clear graphs and charts, helping you optimise your print performance quickly.

  • Analyse your entire Canon print portfolio in one place

    PRISMAlytics Dashboard brings together data from a wide combination of Canon’s printers, whether that’s large format, web fed or sheet-fed toner and inkjet presses. You can also use your controller of choice, including PRISMAsync or Fiery®, and different PDLs as well, allowing you to compare performance across your fleet in one single solution.

  • Get more detailed data with PRISMAsync

    PRISMAsync-driven Canon devices can provide the highest level of detail. PRISMAlytics Dashboard collects data from any Canon printer and provides accurate historical data.

  • Export and copy critical data wherever you need it

    Collect production data and visualise it instantly. Data can be exported as a CSV file, allowing further use in other management applications and reports.

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