Document Scanners

Canon IRIScan Mouse Executive 2

Save space and time with a truly unique all-in-one mouse scanner for versatile scanning, text editing and reliable transcription.

Simplified scanning at your fingertips

Slide the mouse over documents to scan in high resolution or use like a normal mouse. Scanned documents appear instantly on your computer screen for you to save directly, share, or drag-and-drop to file folders.

Versatile document scanning

No more manually re-encoding texts. The IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 quickly and easily converts letters, newspaper articles, photos, cards and notes into instantly editable digital files.

Digital contact exporting

Slide business cards, receipts, and tickets under the Scanpad, scan, and automatically extract contact details with the Cardiris™ Pro software to be exported into your digital contacts list.

Reliable transcription

Cutting-edge SLAM Scan® technology delivers reliable transcription and integrated OCR software recognises text in 138 languages, including Arabic, Cyrillic text, and Hebrew.


  • Operates as both a normal mouse and a scanner

  • High-quality 300 dpi colour scanning

  • Slam Scan® laser sensor technology

  • Save as PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, XLSX or DOCX

  • Powered by USB 2.0

  • Integrated OCR text recognition in 138 languages

  • Automatic image readjustment

  • Scanpad included

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