Birdwatching binoculars
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High performance birdwatching and wildlife binoculars.

Canon quality and performance

All our birdwatching binoculars offer Canon precision optics and an optical Image Stabilizer to ensure a comfortable and relaxed birdwatching experience over long periods of time.

Get as close as you need

Our 8x to 10x binoculars offer all-round portability for casual birdwatching. Brighter binoculars of the same magnification are better in lower light, while 12x and 14x models are great for watching smaller birds or distant wildlife.*

8x to 10x binocular

Enjoy a brighter view

The more light binoculars gather, the brighter your view. Our 10x42L IS WP binoculars have premium Canon L-series optics and give a bright field of view, which makes them ideal for birdwatching in dim or low light situations.

10x42L IS WP binoculars

A super steady view

Enjoy a super steady handheld view plus easy identification and tracking of birds at high magnification – even in flight - thanks to Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer (IS), which precisely corrects for many types of movement and shake.

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A super steady view

Get closer in superb quality

Enjoy easy bird identification at any magnification thanks to Canon precision optics, with low distortion Porro II prism optics and Super Spectra lens coatings, which deliver a bright, clear and detailed view.

Canon precision optics

Watch in any weather

Our premium waterproof 10x42L IS WP binoculars can withstand the harshest conditions, with weather sealing to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS7). Other models have a durable easy-grip rubberised surface and various levels of weatherproofing.

waterproof 10x42L IS WP

See a wider view

Lower magnification 8x to 10x binoculars give a wider view, for easier watching of fast moving and distant birds. Binoculars with the same magnification enlarge subjects to the same extent but some offer a wider field of view with more surrounding detail.

See a wider view 8x to10x binoculars

Recommended binoculars for birdwatching

Choose from a range of magnifications for the best birdwatching experience for you.

Other activities

Discover our complete range of binoculars, and get the information you need to choose the right binoculars for you.

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