Lens Accessory

Canon Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2 / PZ-E2B



  • Ergonomic grip

    Use comfortably when attached to the lens

  • Wide/tele buttons

    For smooth zooming

  • Zoom speed dial

    For control over zoom performance

  • Optional USB power

    For extended shooting/faster zooming

  • 20-pin remote connector1

    For compatible zoom/focus demands

Specifications in detail


  • Drive mechanism
    DC motor and gear reduction mechanism
  • Zoom operation
    Wide (W) and Telephoto (T) buttons
    (or assign customisable buttons on the camera with compatible cameras)

    Remote operation (via Camera Connect / EOS Utility / Browser Remote / XC Protocol, with compatible cameras)
  • Zoom Speed
    (1) High-speed Mode (1.5 sec to 90 sec)*
    (2) Normal Mode (3 sec to 90 sec)*

    *Zoom speed selectable from the Zoom Speed Adjustment Dial
  • Zoom mode switch
    Servo zoom [SERVO]
    Manual zoom [MANU]
  • Attachment method
    Attaches/detaches with Thumb screws (×3)
  • External interfaces
    USB-C interface (communication / external PD power)
    20-pin interface (Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2B only, for compatible lens zoom/focus demands and Canon's Zoom Servo Grip ZSG-C10)
  • Power
    Power supply from camera via lens*
    Power supply from digital terminal (USB-C terminal)*

    *Cameras using lower power batteries may require external PD power to enable High-speed (zoom) Mode and enables extended shooting times
  • Dust/moisture resistance
    Yes, but does not fully prevent dust and moisture intrusion
  • Size (width x height x depth)
    Approx. 105 x 81 x 60mm
  • Weight
    PZ-E2: Approx. 155 g (adapter only)
    PZ-E2B: Approx. 165 g (adapter only)
  • Accessories
    Thumb rest
    Soft Case
    USB Power Adapter PD-E1 (optional)
    Zoom Servo Grip ZSG-C10 (optional)1
    Zoom Demand ZSD-300D/380D (optional)1
    Focus Demand FPD-400D (optional)1
  • Compatible lens
    Canon RF 24-105mm F2.8L IS USM Z