More Sharpness

Experience a new kind of autofocus

We’ve used deep-learning AI technology, and thousands of real-world images, to teach the EOS R10 to recognise people, animals and vehicles – keeping them in sharp, accurate focus as they travel across the frame.
Canon EOS R10 - Benefit - More Sharpness


Whether you’re shooting portraits, documenting trips away or covering family events like weddings, the EOS R10 keeps your subjects in sharp focus. The camera first prioritises a subject’s eyes, and if these aren’t visible, then the face is tracked instead. And if your subject turns away for a moment (a footballer turning away from the camera, for instance) the head is next in line, followed by the body.


The EOS R10 can recognise and track cats, dogs and birds, making sure they are kept sharp even if their movement is erratic. Even your family’s canine and feline members will be recognised. Wildlife enthusiasts will love being able to focus on birds in flight – one of the hardest subjects in wildlife photography.

Canon EOS R10 - Animal Detection


When photographing motorsports, the EOS R10 tracks fast moving racing cars and motorbikes with ease. The camera even distinguishes between open- and closed-cockpit cars, focusing on the driver’s helmet if this is visible.

Continuous AF can also be customised by selecting one of four AF cases.
  • Case 1 – General. Ideal for most moving subjects.
  • Case 2 – Ignores obstacles and keeps tracking subjects. Good for sports and wildlife when subjects may be momentarily obstructed by objects in the foreground.
  • Case 3 – Responds quickly. Use when you’re waiting for a subject to appear in the frame – a skateboarder suddenly jumping into the frame, for instance.
  • Case 4 – For subjects that accelerate or decelerate quickly, like a dog running towards the camera, or athletes running on the track.
  • Case A – Let the camera automatically choose the most appropriate of the above cases for the subject.
Each case can be further fine-tuned by adjusting Tracking Sensitivity and Acceleration/Deceleration Tracking to suit the type of action you’re photographing.

Sensitive in low light

If you find yourself in low-light conditions, the EOS R10 will still get things in sharp focus. Our industry-leading Dual Pixel CMOS AF II technology is fast, accurate and sensitive, even in conditions as dark as -4EV1. That’s about the same as moonlight.

This sensitivity is great at evening parties and celebrations that are lit with artificial light, or when taking pictures at indoor events, like weddings. Wildlife and sports enthusiasts will love the EOS R10’s ability to autofocus when using lenses with small maximum apertures (such as our highly portable RF 600mm f/11 IS STM). In fact, autofocus is possible even with a maximum aperture of just f/22, allowing for teleconverters to be used too.

Canon EOS R10 - Sensitive in low light

Auto (25600)

100 per cent coverage

Unlike DSLRs, the mirrorless EOS R10 covers 100 per cent of the viewfinder2 with highly sensitive AF zones, so you can focus on subjects wherever they are in the scene. Great for off-centre portraits and scenes that are changing unpredictably. These focus zones can be used individually, in groups or collectively, so you can work highly selectively or by detecting objects anywhere in the frame.

Move the active focus point or area using an intuitive, easy-to-find joystick controller, which falls right under your thumb when the camera is held to your eye. Alternatively, move the active AF point by touching and dragging your finger or thumb across the camera’s touchscreen.

Focus bracketing

When shooting up close, depth of field can be very limited, so the EOS R10’s focus bracketing feature is a great asset for macro photographers. A single press of the shutter-release button triggers continuous shooting while focus is adjusted automatically from its initial position towards infinity.

The resulting series of pictures – all at slightly different focus points – can be merged into a single composite image using our Digital Photo Professional software, for perfect front-to-back depth of field. Additionally, the EOS R10’s depth compositing feature now allows this process to take place in-camera, with depth-of-field cropping allowing photographers to specify where focus starts to fall off.

Canon EOS R10 - Focus Bracket

Focus Bracketing

  1. During still photo shooting, with an f/1.2 lens, Centre AF point, One-Shot AF, at 23°C/73°F, ISO100. Excluding RF lenses with Defocus Smoothing coating.
  2. Applicable when subject frame is shown while tracking and a compatible lens is attached to the camera while the full-range AF is active or the subject is detected successfully in another area mode. For details on supported lenses, refer to [Supplemental Information] for [EOS R7/EOS R10] in “”.

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