Account Center

Account Center

Maximize your large format printing return on investment with Account Center. This unique cost allocation software tracks all activity on your wide format printing system. Monitor printing, copying and scanning and allocate costs to specific projects or departments. Convert your large format printing cost center into a profit center with Account Center.


  • All large format printing, copying and scanning activities are tracked on the central Power Logic Controller
  • Controlled access to your wide format printing system with enforced valid account information prevents unauthorized access
  • Convenient data entry at workstation or local large format printing control panel for cost allocation
  • Freely definable fields and values offer flexible workflow option

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Account Center

Fully featured, flexible job tracking

Account Center can be configured to work in a single or multiple wide format printing systems environment. Set up tracking information for cost allocation once, and track consistent information on all large format printing systems within your organization.
Account Center streamlines cost allocation and cost recovery and has built in interfaces to popular third-party packages. It transfers all accounting and billing data to third-part applications, eliminating time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry.

Structured to maximize job tracking

Account Center consists of Account Console and Account Logic, which together provide the features and flexibility you need.

Account Console

This is your interface to Account Center, in which you can define all fields to be captured. Fields and values are fully customizable to match your projects and company workflow.

Account Logic

Account Logic is located on the Power Logic Controller and tracks all information defined in Account Console. It enforces and validates the accounting information preventing unauthorized printing, copying and scanning.
This product structure offers great flexibility in multisystem environments. One Account Console application lets you define the tracking information required from all TDS systems with Account Logic on your network.