PRISMAelevate XL


PRISMAelevate XL

Take your prints to the next level with PRISMAelevate XL, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software application. Offer exciting textured print applications and target new, high-end markets with value-adding elevated applications.

Key Proposition

Sophisticated software that turns creative ideas into reality

Stand out from competitors by delivering amazing, elevated prints of up to 2mm, time after time, with PRISMAelevate XL. By using patented ALPS technology with Arizona mid-volume flatbed printers, PRISMAelevate XL enables printing intelligent layers of ink, helping you create a wide range of superior-quality output.

Elevated print quality

Create high-quality output by relying on automatic processing. Print colours at the optimum elevation and avoid fuzzy images.

Clear conceptualisation

An easy-to-use plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator allows flawless 3D design of elevated print projects without any complex training necessary.

High-value applications

Expand your application range and produce an exciting variety of textured prints, including décor materials, signs, packaging, disability signage and prints in braille.


Innovative ink technology

Embrace the award-winning 3rd-generation VariaDot printing technology to create consistent, outstanding colour that enhances your print materials.

Greater efficiency

Accurate ink estimates allow uninterrupted, unattended printing, while registration with Arizona flatbed print technology saves time with reliable and highly accurate dot placements.


Key benefits

Explore the full benefits of the PRISMAelevate XL and find out how the software can transform the way you work.

How PRISMAelevate XL works

Compatible systems

Discover which Arizona flatbed printers seamlessly support PRISMAelevate XL.

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