Photographer Brent Stirton’s image of elephants, taken in Zakouma, Chad. Image used with kind permission of Prints for Wildlife.

Photographers raising a million for parks and people

After its phenomenal success in 2020, the Prints for Wildlife initiative has returned to raise even more funds for help sustain African Parks and the communities that depend on them. The wholesale disappearance of wildlife tourism in the wake of the global pandemic has had a profound social and economic impact on much of Africa. The money that supported people and businesses simply came to a halt and, even now, there is no clear path to recovery. 

Last year’s sale of prints from photography luminaries around the world raised an incredible $660,200 for these communities in just a month and the funds have already made a real difference.

  • 108,579 people have received healthcare in and around the parks 
  • 105 schools have been built and supported and 752 scholarships have been provided 
  • 3,219 full-time staff, of which 95% are local, under employment 
  • 1,064 rangers ensured safe spaces for people and wildlife 
  • COVID-19 response: 135,800 people reached through awareness campaigns, 65,000 masks and 5,000 litres of soap distributed, 630 handwashing stations installed 

This year, Canon Ambassador Pie Aerts and travel photographer Marion Payr, who co- founded Prints for Wildlife, have their sights set on an even greater fundraising target – $1 million. Over 170 photographers have donated a print to sell, amongst them some of the most respected and visionary wildlife photographers in the world.

Two lions, their bodies out of shot, side by side. One nestles its head against the other. Both animals have their eyes closed.
Pie Aerts’ image of lions in Masai Mara, Kenya is among the prints for sale. Image used with kind permission of Prints for Wildlife.

100% of the funds raised will after printing and handling will be donated to African Parks, a conservation non-profit that manages 19 parks in 11 countries on behalf of governments in Africa for the benefit of local communities and wildlife. Their CMO, Andrea Heydlauff is overjoyed to see the initiative return. “We are beyond excited to be entering into a second Prints for Wildlife print sale to benefit our work at African Parks,” says Andrea. “Prints for Wildlife is a unique endeavour, that sees some of the world’s leading wildlife photographers come together in an inspiring and energetic fashion. They are able to mobilise their own networks and give people the chance to really make a difference, by purchasing extraordinary prints while raising significant funds for people and wildlife across Africa.”

The online shop is open for sales until 11th August 2021 and every print is on sale for $100, excluding shipping. 

To learn more about Prints for Wildlife and buy a print, head to You can also follow their follow their news and activities on Instagram.

Written by Mathew Faulkner