An easy way to store, view and share your photos and movies in one place

Discover the easy way to store, enjoy and share your photos and movies at home. Transfer your latest adventures with just one tap of your NFC camera or easily upload and download images from your smart device via the Connect Station app. Then enjoy them on your HDTV or share with friends and family online.

Connect with Canon


Connect with Canon

Discover how our brilliantly connected cameras, printers and Connect Station CS100 make it easier than ever to share, print, back up and enjoy your photos and movies.

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Easy image transfer

Quickly import images from your NFC camera, PC, memory cards and USB devices

NFC and Wi-Fi technology allows you to easily transfer your latest photos and movies to the Connect Station from a Canon NFC enabled camera or camcorder with just one tap. Wirelessly import existing images from the library on your PC via your home Wi-Fi network or use the memory card slots and USB connection to import your latest creations from multiple devices. It means you can enjoy all your precious moments on your big screen at home in next to no time.


Dedicated smart device app


Quick and easy file download and upload from your smart devices

Download the free Connect Station app for iOS and Android devices and connect automatically to your smart device for quick and easy file browsing, transfer and sharing. You can effortlessly download or upload images and movies* as well as view and organise them on the Connect Station via an easy-to-use interface, which is optimised for both tablet and phone.

Keep everything in one place

Store photos and movies from your different devices to one place

Bring all your photos and movies together in one place thanks to connections with multiple devices and the Connect Station’s 1TB hard drive. The easy-to-use interface makes organising photos into albums and viewing your photos and movies simple. You can back up to an external 1TB external hard drive for added peace of mind.

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Effortless sharing

GPS demonstration

Share images to social media, the cloud or another Connect Station

Share your photos and movies to your social networks or another Connect Station quickly and easily. You can upload content to cloud services or social media like Flickr®, Facebook™, Google™ and irista for easy back up and sharing. An HDMI output allows you to enjoy Full HD images with family and friends on your TV.

Print without wires

Print straight from your Connect Station to your wireless printer

Browse. Select. Print. The Connect Station links to your wireless printer giving you the freedom to print your images to hang at home or share with your family and friends. Simply explore your photos on your TV and choose your favourites to print.

wireless printers

* Movie sharing with Connect Station app coming Spring 2017


Find out more about the Connect Station CS100 features and what it can do.

Import photos and movies via Wi-Fi and NFC

Import photos and movies via Wi-Fi and NFC

Send & Receive

Send & Receive from other Connect Stations

Completely connected

Completely connected

1TB of storage

1TB of storage

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Learn & Explore

How to set up your Connect Station CS100


How to set up and use your Connect Station CS100

This series of videos will guide you through setting up, connecting, transferring, viewing, sharing and backing up your precious memories.

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