Think Book Business Model Guide #3 Short-run digital book printing

How to seize the short-run opportunity

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Short-run puts the customer first

Frequent orders, lower volumes and tighter deadlines are all signs that it’s time to embrace short-run. Find out more in the third Think Books Business Model Guide.

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Short-run = increased flexibility

The book publishing industry is seeing a resurgence in the popularity of printed books, but average print runs are declining as publishers work to reduce their financial risks.

Short-run digital production might just be the answer to this new challenge. It allows book printers to offer publishers enhanced order flexibility with shorter delivery times, faster time-to-market, and cost savings in warehousing and distribution.

But are you ready to implement a short-run printing model for your business? Learn about the benefits in the final of three Think Books Business Model Guides from Canon. This guide will appeal to book printers who want to:

  • Minimise capital tied up in inventory
  • Handle runs that are too short for economical offset production
  • Eliminate non-productive steps in offset workflows

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