The Future of Décor

The Future of Décor

The scope of décor has seen incredible changes over the last decade. People no longer want their homes to mirror those of their friends and family, they want to create an environment that is uniquely theirs. Whether it’s a particular pattern on their curtains, or an emotive image displayed on the walls.

On a more industrial scale, brands want to see their ideas come to life within their own surroundings. By aligning décor with brand image it helps create an atmosphere that consumers can experience and feel affiliated with.

The branding we see, the floor we walk on, the walls around us and even the curtains we hang, are more and more likely to have involved digital printing at some stage in the manufacturing process – more specifically inkjet printing.

Inkjet printing provides significant advantages to the décor industry as it can be used in many diverse graphics, décor and industrial applications using very different types of equipment and materials. Its versatility means that it can be used in textile printing just as easily as in industrial decoration for glass, ceramics, flooring and synthetic building materials helping it play an important role in the need for self-expression and the opportunities for personalised decoration.

Digitally printed decorative wooden panels and individually designed wallpaper are already common offerings from technology-based print service companies. Web-to-print digital storefronts and on-demand printing are also growing in popularity.

The opportunity for PSPs

The increased consumer demand for personalisation and the ability to print on a wide range of materials means that there are endless possibilities for PSPs. The agility and superior capabilities inkjet printing offers means that PSPs are able to provide more bespoke services, built around flexibility and meeting customer expectations. Not such a bad thing when personalised décor accounts for 23.9% of the global functional industrial print market1.

Furthermore, the market for décor printing has a projected global worth of $20billion in 20202; demonstrating the importance and the appeal of investing. So much so that Smithers Pira has forecasted that the inkjet printing market will to grow to $67.3 billion in 2017.

While the commercial print market has been slower to change, it has seen exciting new developments in the past few years – just like Uber disrupted the transportation industry by putting the consumer in charge of their personalised public transportation needs, inkjet printing is now empowering designers to have their visions and customers’ wishes realised. A perfect example of this is how end-users are now able to design their own 3D printed products3.

How PSPs can benefit

The next few years are set to be significant for industrial inkjet within décor. The movement towards digital has already made an important impact on the industry as both time and costs are reduced. Designers and customers are able to be as creative as they wish. By partnering with PSPs in order to utilise the variety of technology and materials available, they’re met with an almost unlimited array of options when it comes to décor. PSPs have the chance to invest and provide an additional service within their business. Web-to-print is set to expand as personalisation and printing onto various items is becoming increasingly popular for both consumer and commercial applications.

Whilst many factors are set to affect the future of the décor industry, there can be no mistake that the rise of digital and inkjet is playing a huge role in its development.

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