Canon Europe to preview new 4K laser projector technology at ITEC

London, 20 April 2016 – Canon Europe, leader in imaging solutions, will be setting new standards of 4K projection for use in simulation environments at ITEC, a specialist simulation trade show. To meet the needs of the high end simulation and training industry, Canon will be showcasing a new prototype 4K projector utilising a laser phosphor light source.

In addition, two Canon XEED 4K500ST installation projectors will be combined using edge blending technology to demonstrate how Canon’s 4K projectors can offer a vivid and realistic simulation experience for use in a wide variety of training environments, such as ultra-realistic flight simulation.

Training using simulation requires highly faithful image reproduction of real-life scenarios. The outstanding resolution and superior image quality that the Canon XEED 4K500ST delivers provides end-users with an effective training environment. It can also be easily integrated into a range of simulation applications thanks to the device being the world’s smallest and lightest 4K installation projector.

A simulation of an aerial tour over San Francisco will be projected onto a curved screen using Canon’s Marginal Focus technology to produce a large scale image with edge-to-edge clarity. The Canon XEED 4K500ST projectors offer clear colour gradation and contrast fidelity thanks to its LCOS technology. Combined with the model’s low latency, this makes the demonstration so vivid it creates the impression of a real “in situ” experience.

“Our heritage in lens technology means that we are well placed to support the unique requirements of the simulation industry,” said Andreas Herrnböck, European Business Development Manager, Visual Communications, Canon Europe. “Canon is constantly investing into research and development to directly address the needs of our customers, and we look forward to talking to customers about how they can benefit from our technology. The prototype 4K laser projector adds a new dimension to high end simulation environments. Combined with our flagship XEED 4K500ST, this new development makes Canon the best partner for peerless simulation training environments.”

Visitors to ITEC can find Canon at stand E0120.

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