Canon DR-in-2-minutes


Breathe new life into your existing equipment; fixed, mobile, even portable benefit from DR instantly. Only 2 components are required to provide instant DR with any existing X-ray system. And you’re not tied thereafter to just that one X-ray system. Canon provides you with the freedom to move between systems; just pick up and go! It’s smart, lightweight and battery powered


  • Easily add DR to any X-ray system using just 2 lightweight components
  • No connections or modifications to your existing X-ray system necessary
  • Not tied to any X-ray system; simply pick up and move to another.
  • Option for integrated USB DAP Meter


Detailed Features

Solution Composition

  • Portable DR Workstation
  • Canon Flat Panel Detector

Flat Panel Detectors

  • Improved liquid resistance IPX4
  • Imaging area of 43x42cm (CXDI-401C Wireless)
  • Imaging area of 35x43cm (CXDI-701C Wireless)
  • Imaging area of 27x35cm (CXDI-801C Wireless)
  • High resolution with 125 micron pixel pitch
  • High sensitivity with CsI Scintillator
  • Instant Image Display & Short Cycle Time
  • Approximately 140 images with a fully charged battery

Optimal dose registration workflow

With the optional USB DAP meter integration, the dose is directly added to the DICOM header of the image and available for further processing.