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Your photos, our favourites: Unique winter perspectives

Inspired by the story of Franco Moro – – we challenged you to share your unique winter perspectives. We were overwhelmed by all of the great photos we received, but chose our three favourites and asked the photographers to tell us the stories behind them.

Fruset Vatten by Stefan Demerwall

“After lunch one day, I was walking along Lilängshamnen Harbour in Hammarö, Sweden. As I gazed towards the lake I noticed how the shadows from the reeds made a beautiful pattern on the ice created by the sun in the background, so I decided to capture it. At first, the image was underexposed with the strong light coming from the reflections on the ice and snow and the sun itself. So I tilted the camera to the ground and let my exposure meter get a reading without the sun in the picture. Then I locked the exposure and moved the camera to get the shot I wanted.”

Borders by Ján Villím

“This photo is of my friends at the Cassovia Seals club in Košice, Slovakia. They are winter swimming devotees! Their philosophy is based on breaking boundaries. The first boundary is in the mind: they need to get into icy cold water, which is a feat of mind over matter. The second boundary is physical: you can’t stay too long in water this cold! I took this photo after coming out of the water, while looking at the people who had overcome both boundaries – the ones in their heads and the limits of nature. I was thankful for my camera’s image stabilization as my hands were shaking from the cold.”

Dziadek Mroz by Agnieszka Jasinska

“It’s always a delight to wake up to fresh snow. I decided to take my camera for a walk in the woods near where I live so I could escape the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. But on my way there, an older person working feverishly shovelling snow caught my eye so I decided to capture the scene. I like the juxtaposition of the snowy landscape and the figure hard at work.”

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