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Adventures in design: Smaracuja

Berlin-based, Nina is a graphic designer, photographer and bouncy ball world champion. She owns more than 30 different cameras and shares her love for adventures, photography and design on her blog, Smaracuja. We travelled with Nina to Istanbul to see how the Canon EOS 760D could offer creative freedom to capture fresh perspectives. She says:

“Istanbul is colourful, lively and dirty. My paradise. Someone once told me that I always shoot the ugliest things but make them poetic. I took this as a special compliment and a confirmation of my view of things.

I call this philosophy, “Ugly Pretty". I shoot buildings that are really just an eyesore at first sight and create an interesting photo with textures, reflections of light and colour games. Canon is inspiring people to leave well travelled paths to take a different view of famous cities and to uncover the unexpected. The whole idea fits perfectly with me, my blog and my way of traveling.”