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Secure Printing

uniFLOW Secure Printing. For safe output of sensitive documents.

uniFLOW allows users to send sensitive documents to any network printer and only print when they are there to collect them. This could be a printer on a different floor, building, city or even in a different country.  So everyone can choose when and where they print, safe in the knowledge that their documents remain secure.

Key Business Challenges

• Users send the same document to print many times after making corrections
• Users send print jobs to the wrong printer
• If a printer is unavailable, users need to walk back to their PC and re-send their document to another printer
• Printed documents are left unattended at printer and picked up by the wrong person
• Users are not aware of print costs incurred by the organisation.

Benefit of uniFLOW solution:

• Users can pick up their print jobs from any printer
• Users can use a single printer driver to print to any printer regardless of make or model
• If one printer is out of service, users can walk to another printer to release their jobs
• Users can pick up print jobs from other locations or for other users, if authorised
• Your organisation can reduce the cost of unnecessary printing significantly. 

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