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Cost Tracking

uniFLOW Cost Tracking. For better control of print budgets.

uniFLOW has a built-in reporting system of all your printing, copying and scanning costs. So you can see exactly what you are spending, who is spending it and how to recover costs and make economies.

Any savings made from running uniFLOW in your organisation are also recorded, allowing you to see the true return on investment achieved.

Key Business Challenges

• No control over printing costs and printer usage
• Users tend to print everything in colour
• Costs cannot be allocated to users or departments
• Costs cannot be charged back or recovered
• No visibility of costs incurred or savings made during busy or quiet periods.

Benefit of uniFLOW solution:

• Full visibility of print/copy spending and savings
• Control print and copy spending at user, department or project level
• Understand and optimize your existing printing infrastructure
• Control use of colour printing and copying in your organisation
• Exploit new sources of revenue by charging back print costs.

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