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Benefits of Managed Print Services

Hard copy and electronic documents remain integral to today’s business communication. In fact, document production is a significant business expense - costing up to 3% of revenue.

If you are unaware of your costs in this area, or have insufficient resources or expertise to tackle them, Canon Managed Print Services can help.

  • Reduce costs - With a Canon Managed Print Service, we work with you to understand exactly what you are spending on print and where you are spending it. This information can be used to cut costs and reduce inefficiencies. In fact, through Managed Print Services (MPS), we have helped customers to reduce costs by up to 60%. Hear from our customers and find out how.
  • Increase productivity - Allowing your print to be managed as a service frees up valuable staff time, helping them focus on business-critical activities. MPS also ensures print devices are used at their optimum level and can deliver business process improvements thus ensuring productivity gains which can be felt throughout your organisation. Hear from our customers and find out how.
  • Heighten security - An MPS audit can reveal potential improvements to endpoint print security in your infrastructure. Enhancements can then be implemented to ensure you can keep information away from those not authorised to see it, as well as achieving regulatory compliance. Since security breaches damage your brand and can result in severe fines, it’s protection that pays dividends in the long term. Hear from our customers and find out how.
  • Improve sustainability - MPS can help cut device energy and paper consumption, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. As well as regular reviews to assess your environmental footprint, specific activities can directly reduce toner consumption and paper wastage - all using inherent Canon technology. Hear from our customers and find out how.

Canon’s MPS experts take away the risk, process, cost and hassle of managing your document output environment, while delivering strategic benefits to your organisation.

Contact us today to find out how.