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Canon Forms Intelligence

Canon Forms Intelligence

Canon Forms Intelligence The way we gather information has a huge impact on an organisation’s efficiency. Canon Forms Intelligence allows you to create clear and professional looking forms on plain paper without the cost of producing pre-printed stationery which may quickly go out of date, or spending time and money on reprogramming host applications. Instead data can be imported from any business application and used to create a form that can be updated or redesigned quickly and cost effectively.

You can integrate graphics, colour, barcodes and personal messages or special offers in to your forms with ease and then distribute them in the most appropriate way, on paper, by fax, via email or on your website, however best  suits your customers. Electronic storage provides you with remote access to your business forms and our high performance print equipment delivers superb quality output to keep the way you look on paper up to the standards of your business.

Our consultants analyse your individual needs, and the role forms play in your operations. Their experience together with our unique offering of hardware, software and services, enables them to identify and implement a solution that provides quantifiable advantages and a strong business justification.

Your Canon consultant is our brand promise, they give you expert access to the best solutions without the hassle of liaising with different service providers and software vendors while ensuring an excellent and clearly demonstrated return on your investment.

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