Océ JetStream Dual series

Océ JetStream Dual series

The Océ JetStream® Dual series comprises of the Océ JetStream 1500, 2200 and 3000 available in speed classes of respectively 100, 150 and 200 meter per minute. The Dual series offer customers a smooth and seamless path of growth from 1,350 to 2,700 A4 pages per minute considerably shortening production windows. With this migration path Océ offers a future-proof concept for enterprises that are aiming for growth. With its excellent print quality, together with a paper width of 20.5" (520 mm), the Océ Dual series is particularly suited for applications in the field of transaction, TransPromo, direct mail, newspaper- and book/magazines printing. Using an optional fifth head, the Océ JetStream Dual series is also available with a fully integrated MICR option for printing "security" documents such as business and company checks.


    • Océ JetStream printers are designed for seamless integration with industry-standard workflows, as well as for the rigorous demands and data rates of high-speed full-color printing.
    • As a result, it is easier to embed new applications such as variable personalization and TransPromo documents into existing workflows. Océ's Data Integrity assures error-free front/back printing.
    • Another benefit is the powerful Océ PRISMA software, an architected suite of software tools that ensure effective, reliable workflow management from pre-press to finishing.
    • Moreover, the support from Océ - with software, service and color management - is seen by our customers as decisive in accelerating their migration from b/w applications to the world of full color.

Detailed Features

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Océ DigiDot® inkjet technology for consistent quality at lower cost

The Océ JetStream product line utilizes Océ DigiDot comprising of the latest innovation in high-speed inkjet technology. Featuring best-in-class service life, the fast inkjet print heads are engineered for maximum up-time and reliability. Using smallest droplet sizes that can be varied from 7 to 12 pico liter the Océ JetStream is not only extremely economical in ink usage, but also allows the support of a broad range of media from light-weight newspaper to glossy heavy weight. All Océ JetStream systems feature a multilevel option in four contrast levels. With this unique Océ option one can augment an image representation by means of smoother gradations of shades, crisper details and a heightened dynamic range, leading to a perceived image quality of 1200 dpi.

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