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FOGRA ISO Validation Print

For the first time ever, Canon’s renowned imagePRESS print systems allow you to deliver accurate, repeatable and measurable colour performance accredited to a recognised global standard, ISO/CD 12647-7 : 2009 Validation Print.

Key advantages

• Create digital validation proofs to a global standard
• Accurate, repeatable, measurable colour performance
• ISO 12647-7 Validation Print criteria
• Deliver quality with confidence
• Fast, cost efficient proofing
• Retain customers & attract new ones

Consistent digital colour proofs to a global standard
Delivering consistent colour accurate proofs used to be a costly, time-consuming process. For the first time ever, Canon’s renowned imagePRESS print systems allow you to deliver accurate, repeatable and measurable colour performance, accredited to a recognised global standard.

FOGRA are a leading independent voice in the establishment of recognised international standards. Working on behalf of the ISO, they have developed and introduced the new global standard for Validation Printing with digital devices, ISO 12647-7.

Implementing ISO 12647-7
Whether you’re already using imagePRESS technology, introducing this significant capability into your business is relatively straightforward, with the help of Canon’s service teams. Not only are they experts in their field, they’re also fully FOGRA accredited. This means that they can work alongside your team, providing all the necessary expertise, technology, process improvement advice and guidance needed for you to attain the coveted ISO 12647-7 accreditation. Once established, the ongoing maintenance of your digital proofing system can then be handled by one of your trained operators, who can call on our support whenever required.

With Canon’s imagePRESS systems and ISO accreditation you can differentiate your print business:
High quality with confidence
– Create colour accurate proofs on-demand for any digital or offset press. Your customers will approve content with absolute confidence, and also be assured that the colour quality and consistency is as accurate to the final printed output, as is possible to achieve.

Fast and highly efficient – Unlike the alternatives, there’s minimal make-ready time or cost involved in the process, with each digital proof just a single click charge away. This means faster proof generation, quicker acceptance, and a higher profit margin on every project.

Expand your customer base – Offer on-demand digital printing and proofing to a new set of customers with confidence.

Emphasise your credentials – Customers will choose you as their supplier and partner, safe in the knowledge that they’re dealing with a professional organisation that has invested in the global standard and is committed to long-term growth.



FOGRA Brochure [PDF, 442 KB]
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