Canon imagePRESS Server J200

imagePRESS Server J200

The imagePRESS Server J200 is a top of the range external controller delivering optimum power, performance and speed to high-end print production environments.


  • Top of the range server for imagePRESS B&W
  • Powerful production and operator control
  • Driven by EFI Command Workstation
  • EFI Compose and EFI Impose included
  • Sophisticated security features

Detailed Features

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High performance with powerful workflows automation

A powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor ensures all print production needs are handled swiftly and enables ultra-fast dual processing. Plus a variety of easy-to-use job submission and workflow automation tools help keep costs low, reduce errors, and minimise the need for additional production personnel.

Efi Command Workstation® operates at the heart of your digital production workflow, offering exceptional capabilities to keep everything running at its optimum level. For example, a Suspend on Mismatch feature, alerts operators if the press contains a different media to that designated in the programmed print job. Hot folders are also incorporated allowing jobs to be dragged and dropped from the desktop for automatic document assembly.

Sophisticated Composition and Imposition

The imagePRESS Server J200 is equipped with EFI's renowned Compose software, which provides an advanced preview and editing environment. Its wide range of sophisticated document composition tools and advanced WYSIWYG user interface improves document verification, speeds up composition, and enables less experienced operators to perform complex document functions. EFI impose is also provided to aid the document imposition process.

Safe and secure

A suite of security features that comply with industry standards help to ensure confidential information stays that way.

Product Specification

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