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C-EXV15 Toner - New HR (High Reliability) Toner

HR (High Reliability) toner was designed for IR7105/ IR7095 / IR7086 to pursue the stability of image quality in high-speed and large quantities of copies. HR toner, which adopts a newly designed binder resin, improves fidelity developing performance to the original image and the reliability of machine performances in high-speed copies. Therefore, the HR toner enables IR7105/ IR7095 / IR7086 fulfill its high speed and high resolution, and its excellent stability outputs on any kind of media.

C-EXV13 Toner - QF (Quick Fixing) Toner (IR5570/IR6570)

QF (Quick Fixing) toner, newly designed for iR5570 / iR6570 / iR7570, is best suited to enhance the fastest IH (Induction Heating) fixing systems in Canon Multi-Functional machines. Canon has improved the melting characteristics of its Genuine toner using its advanced toner technologies to speed up the fusing process in Canon Multi-Functional machines achieving maximized performance and high quality outputs. The new QF toner uses lower pressure and less heat energy resulting in minimal use of electricity, therefore enhancing the quick starting capability and functionality in Canon Multi-Functional machines. The auto supply container function of the QF toner enables the easy and speedy replacement of toners, thus keeping your hands clean. The high volume nature of the QF toner container prints 45,000 pages (A4 paper with 6% coverage), therefore reducing the need to replace toners frequently.

CEXV10 Toner – New NB (Natural Black) Plus S (Synergy) Colour Toner

NB (Natural Black) toner is a new refined magnetic toner designed for IRC5800, IRC6800, IR5870 and IR6870. The NB toner is the black toner colour, which performs excellent sharpness on high quality images such as pictures, thus producing harmonized texts in full colour images. The small-sized nature of the NB toner has improved the toner charging characteristics in your Multi-Functional machine printing process resulting in consistent high quality prints at improved resolutions. The fine stability of the NB toner promises continuous high quality images even with heavy prints. The new toner binder contained in the NB toner has greatly improved the fixing performance. Thus, enabling a quicker fixing process whilst saving energy resulting in the high performance of your Multi-Functional machines. CEXV10 also contains the S (Synergy) colour toner, a spherical shaped toner produced as Canon’s polymerized toner to ensure the unsurpassed image quality and stable quality prints from your Multi-Functional machines. The wax wrapped in the toner particles enables the S toner realise an oil-less fixing process, therefore saving energy consumed. Gloss control has been operated so that colour outputs can appear matt and eye-friendly (giving an alternative to the typical glittering image of colour images), which is excellent for business document use.

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