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Step Six: The Cleaning Process - Cleaning Unit

After each transfer process, residual toner remains on the photosensitive drum. As the photosensitive drum rotates, the residual toner is rubbed away from the surface of the photosensitive drum by a blade (see picture above). This blade passes the residual toner into a cleaner box, thus leaving your machine clean and ready for the next smooth Electrical Charging Process.

Copier Printing Process
1. Electrical Charging Process
2. Exposure Process
3. The Developing Unit
4. The Transfer Process
6. The Cleaning Process
5. The Fixing Process
The Technology
Smooth Running Operation
Photosensitive Drum
Canon Genuine Toner
Copier Printing Process
New Technology
About Canon Consumables
Canon Copier Technology
Identifying Genuine Supplies
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