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Secure document storage

While 80% of the data we rely on every day is now in electronic format, only 20% is held in a formal database¹. Canon can help organisations deliver document security while making it easier for users to collaborate and share information.

Your challenges

  • Accessing the right information at the right time
  • Protecting document confidentiality
  • Retaining information for compliance and legal purposes
  • Reducing the high cost of document storage

Our Solution

With Canon you get secure document storage and the ability to retrieve information with ease via a user-friendly content management tool.

The benefits

Save time looking for information by adding indexes to your documents for full-text and meta-data search.

Provide document security by assigning access rights to view, edit, print or distribute information across the organisation.

Establish legal compliance by adhering to document retention policies while ensuring the most recent version of a document is made available.

Reduce costs by storing documents electronically and using a single application to view each one, regardless of the file format.

¹ Source: Quocirca, 2012

Next Steps

Canon is an Executive Leadership Council Member of the Association of Information and Image Management – AIIM.

The AIIM Executive Leadership Council brings together top thinkers, high performance practitioners and leaders in information management to discuss, define, and direct the future of information management.