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Digital Mailroom

In whatever format or location you receive your mail, Canon’s Digital Mailroom solution helps you reduce customer response times and decrease the burden of poor information management and compliance. Achieve faster, more compliant mailroom processing through a single, unified digital solution.

Canon Digital Mailroom is a one-stop shop for centralised mail processing. It will help you capture and sort digital mail data more effectively, automate mail distribution within your organisation and provide complete traceability. Data becomes easier to search and can be stored securely in a digital archive, while the complete solution offers you major savings right across your organisation.

Did you know?

4 in 5 organisations do not scan half of their inbound mail – AIIM 2012

€37k is spent annually to send documents by courier and fax (per €7.5m in revenue) – All Associates Group 2010

50% of companies feel they would be more productive with digital documentation tools – AIIM 2012

Why Canon Digital Mailroom?

Reduce your costs

With quicker mail sorting times and fewer hard copies of mail required, Canon Digital Mailroom can minimise your archiving space and bring down operational and processing costs.

Take greater control

By giving you a clearer view of your mailroom procedures and ensuring only relevant mail is delivered to end users, with Canon Digital Mailroom you gain greater visibility into each step of the mail process while dramatically reducing mail losses.

Work faster and smarter

Delivering mail to recipients faster than ever before, Canon Digital Mailroom will improve your customer responsiveness. Data capture software makes it easier to share and edit documents for dispatch and even gives users mobile access for productivity on the go.

Meet compliance standards

Canon Digital Mailroom also offers a more secure way to track and store the information your organisation sends out and receives. With full workflow traceability and controlled access to confidential mail you get a hassle-free way to meet regulatory requirements.

Handling 120,000 inboud mail items per year from more than 150 different clients, we were facing very strong challenges from the manual sorting of mail which was heavily impacting on both stakeholder relations and labour costs. Thanks to Canon’s Digital Mailroom solution, we have achieved much faster and smoother mail processing which is estimated to give annual savings of €120,000 per year.

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Next Steps

Canon is an Executive Leadership Council Member of the Association of Information and Image Management – AIIM.

The AIIM Executive Leadership Council brings together top thinkers, high performance practitioners and leaders in information management to discuss, define, and direct the future of information management.