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Delivery Note Processing

When you need a faster and more cost-effective way to process your delivery notes you can rely on Canon for everything you need. Our digital Delivery Note Processing solution offers you a centralised platform but with the flexibility to adapt to customer requirements at a local level.

Information is easily accessible and can be used to create clearer, more legible delivery notes that can be printed on demand. Mobile e-signature technology speeds up delivery and provides a higher level of data security, while complete visibility of the delivery process improves stock management. The overall result is a reduction in administration costs, a shorter time-to-invoice and a better customer experience.

Did you know?

4 in 5 organisations consider reducing costs to be their number 1 supply chain priority – IDC 2012

76% of organisations have no mobile-enabled business processes – AIIM 2012

Why Canon Delivery Note Processing?

Reduce your costs

With our digital Delivery Note Processing solution, you can minimise document storage costs, cut the need for ordering pre-printed forms and lower your environmental footprint. Delivery notes that are clearer and easier to read will also reduce the number of errors and incorrect deliveries.

Take greater control

With Canon, you get improved status tracking so that you gain greater visibility of the entire delivery process. The result is fewer duplicate deliveries and improved courier or fleet management.

Work faster and smarter

The ability to speed up deliveries and minimise time-to-invoice offers new ways to increase the productivity and efficiency of your organisation. With Canon Delivery Note Processing, you can improve stock management to levels that have a direct impact on customer experience.

Meet compliance standards

A digital archive of all of your delivery notes provides a complete audit trail and gives you a faster, more secure way to retrieve order data. With full document workflow traceability, you can now improve access to outbound supply chain information across the entire organisation.

The 5,000 monthly package shipments generate piles of dispatch notes. We’ve now been able to eliminate that, so we’re another step closer to that utopian vision of the paperless office.

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