Arizona Large Format Print Applications Showcase

Award-winning Océ Arizona UV flatbed printers are the perfect platform for innovation. The Océ Arizona Series of UV flatbed printers can produce a wide range of superior quality print applications including new technologies like varnish, white ink printing, and a choice of smart cutting accessories. In fact, your potential to profit from creating speciality items is only limited by your imagination.

To help you find new ways to commercial success we have collected some of the great work that our customers have created on our flatbed printers. Have a look below and get inspired by the exciting possibilities of the Arizona range.

Interior Decoration

Today’s strong trend towards more individualisation is often reflected in the way people decorate their living spaces, increasing the demand for customised and personalised interior home decoration fixtures such as wallpaper, door designs, kitchen fittings. This gives fantastic growth opportunities for companies in the interior decoration markets. They can extend their business with high-margin interior decoration products using the Océ Arizona UV flatbed printer.


Did you know?

An average retail store offers products from 1,700 different brands but the eye of a customer is attracted by less than 150 brands during a single visit.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage and advertising is incredibly rich and diverse and allows a unique spectrum of creativity for customers and designers to play with. Outdoor signage produced on the Océ Arizona UV flatbed printers include way-finding signs, corporate signage, billboards, fleet graphics, street furniture end many more creative outdoor applications.


Did you know?

Printing 10 layers on top of each other leads to an ink layer approx. 1 mm thick.

Specialty Applications

In industrial and production oriented environments, digital flatbed printing increases the freedom of product design and makes prototyping, personalised or customised production economically feasible. Speciality applications are very diverse and include digital masking, membrane switch overlays, glass printing, and many more.


Did you know?

Printing large images tiled over multiple boards with perfect geometry requires a true flatbed printer.

Retail POS/POP

Point-of-Sales advertisements must grab the attention of passing customers in less than a second. Vivid colours, fresh and attractive designs and clear messaging can lead to an impulse buy. Point-of-Sales advertisements, window graphics, near-by viewed in-store POP, in-store labelling and even store decoration can all be produced perfectly on the Océ Arizona UV flatbed printers on rigid or flexible media.


Did you know?

Building signs can be divided into four main categories: Panel, Illuminated, Signwriting and Banners.

Photo & Fine Art

With the Arizona UV flatbed printer, customers can use coloured layers in combination with white flood and spot layers to print fine life-like images in perfect registration in a single print pass. Photo and fine-art prints stand out in stunning detail, sharpness, colour richness and smooth colour transitions. Special effects are often achieved with these high quality images by printing directly onto transparent media.


Did you know?

Customised or personalised products are the single biggest opportunity for adding high margin products to your business offering.

Product Decoration

The demand for personalised or customised products is ignited by the way people want to give a personal touch to their homes, offices or public areas. Personalised furniture, digital paintings, custom photo frames, wall stickers, personalised interior accessories, special lights and custom signage are just a few examples of what you can produce on an Océ Arizona printer.


Did you know?

Web-to-print solutions are available that enable print providers to offer personalised Interior Decoration applications.

Exhibition & Event Graphics

At events your stand design and campaign graphics need to generate attention and create a lasting impact. Customers are looking for vivid colours, creative eye-catching designs, corporate styles, product promotions and many more types of graphics. Almost everything on your stand can be printed with an Arizona flatbed printer, from wallpaper, to display stands, floor decoration, and pull-up banners.


Did you know?

The quantity produced of a single unique product has significantly decreased in the last decade. Producing smaller quantities in a fast and cost effective way requires the use of digital printing.

Cutting/Routing without Printing

The Océ ProCut digital cutting table enables the production of graphical applications and objects that do not require special, customised or personalised printing. A digital cutting table opens up a world of new applications and objects that can be produced to expand your business even beyond printing.


Did you know?

An Océ ProCut digital cutting table enables digital print providers to extend their business opportunities beyond printed applications.

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