For Business

Canon is committed to the SMB market and the best way to do this is to support every Center to reach their full potential. A pan-European team has been set up to create joint tools based on best practices from all over Europe, to enhance transparency and to sup-port the national teams in their work. On a local level support is available from a national team set up to assist Canon Business Centers in their daily operations, if help is needed.

Working under the CBC identity your business gains visibility and can utilise the highly regarded reputation of Canon, while maintaining a close contact to the local customer base. The Canon brand is an assurance of quality and expert knowledge and you can rely on a brand reputation among the most trusted and valuable in the world.

Canon products are well known and respected for their innovative design and good qual-ity. Part of the good reputation comes from the high level of service provided and the Canon business Centers play a key role in this. Not only do the Centers enjoy the benefits of top of the class training but they are also offered the advantage of servicing Canon ma-chines sold through other Canon owned channels.