The end of the ‘out-of-print’ book

Printondemand-worldwide Managing Director Andy Cork believes that out-of-print books are a thing of the past. “There should be no out-of-stock book in the world today,” he says. “For publishers, partnering with an innovative digital book printer means that they can bring any book into print anywhere in the world, rather than it going out of stock.”

For Printondemand-worldwide, on-demand book printing enabled by digital print has proven to be a very successful business model. The majority of books that it prints are in single copy, but this extends up to runs of 1,500, offering the publisher a complete solution from stock replenishment through to first prints.


“Efficiency is key of course, but reliability is also vital. You may have this great piece of kit, but if it’s down 10% of the time, you have a problem. That’s not a problem we’ve had with Canon. Even if a machine goes down, it’s never for long because the service guys are in and out in under two hours.”

Andy Cork, Printondemand-worldwide Managing Director