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Here’s where we let our customers do the talking. From generating new revenue streams for a graphic arts business to reducing print-related costs for a local government body, our customers explain the benefits gained by working with Canon.

Watch and read our customers’ stories below and find out how our Canon solutions have helped solve real business challenges.

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ABC Imaging

ABC- Hero1

Thanks to the Océ PRISMA workflow and Canon’s imagePRESS technology, we have streamlined our operations and profit as a result of 50% higher throughput and 30% less costs.

Ray Hawkins, CEO

Al-Amiriya Printing Press

We have been a Canon client since 2007 and the best thing about Canon is their after sales and maintenance support; we have 1 copier which printed 22 million copies - this can never happen unless these 2 factors are present: the team and the staff are well trained, and the service and maintenance support are outstanding.

Emad Fawzi Farag, President Of The General Affairs

Alfa Laval


The print department is now seen as profitable and as more cost effective for print jobs than external alternatives.

Jørgen Beck-Jørgensen, Print Production Manager

Antonius Hypercare


Installing the Canon’s network security cameras was a fantastic decision, both for their high quality and the impact they’ve made to our day to day jobs. The results were instantaneous.

René Groot, General Manager

Armstrong Watson

Before making any recommendations, Canon worked hard to get under the skin of our organisation and understand what needed improving and how best to do it. Understanding our clients’ businesses is a philosophy we strongly subscribe to ourselves, and we felt very confident Canon was the partner for us.

David Clarkson, Commercial Director

Barry Callebaut


Canon helped us to adopt a global approach to print. In a single stroke, Canon helped to transform the organisation around the world.


Having looked at options from various manufacturers, it became apparent that Océ machines would be able to offer us the best production speed and image quality at a competitive price. With the technical support of Canon, combined with state-of-the-art Océ technology, we are now a creative force to be reckoned with.

James Fox, Director



It’s more than a time-saver, it has transformed the way that we work.

Papanikolaou Zina, Marketing

BM Druck


We spoke with many suppliers, but it was hard to overlook Canon – it’s a supplier that we’ve had a very positive relationship with for many years.

Rene Cassis, CEO

Borealis AG


Our aim was to have a smooth transition to a standardised print environment that is also fully networked. The driving motivation behind this was to provide more centralised support to our users, as well as making cost savings in terms of both maintenance and support.

Jacky Cillen, Information Technology & Systems (IT&S) Team Leader

British Library


We are so impressed by Canon’s high quality network cameras that we’re looking to increase the number of models on site to 400 cameras.

Bhanu Goud, Security Systems Manager



Canon analysed all areas of our business to determine how we could enhance our multi-channel approach.

Marcel Bieri, Head of Pre-Media and Digital Media

Clive Booth

There’s something about holding a print in your hand. If you buy a piece of art, it’ll usually be on a canvas. It’s the same with photography; when you buy it, you want to buy it on paper, you don’t buy it on a monitor because when prints are made on paper, you can hold them in your hand and there’s something special about that. That’s the main reason why I have a printer.

Clive Booth

Colchester Institute

We really liked the Managed Print Services approach that Canon recommended, as well as the professionalism of the proposed Canon project team and how closely they intended to partner with our own project team.

Gary Horne, Vice Principle, Finance & Operations


ABC- Hero1

Small run lengths cannot be produced economically in offset. At the same time, some run length sizes are too expensive when printed on toner-based systems.

Thorsten Bischof

Druck and Medien


Our main goal at MSP is the best possible fulfillment of the requirements of our customers. We are willing to give everything to satisfy our customers. We believe that the transition to digital inkjet printing enables us to deliver the innovation that await our markets today and in the future. Canon was us here from the very beginning been a great partner in the decision-making for our future strategy and in implementing the right solution. With Canon as a partner, we feel well equipped for the future!

Markus Stricker



Canon took the time to understand the unique needs and vision of our organisation as a whole and its consultancy helped us to identify the areas where technology could help us work smarter.

Janice Moores, Service Delivery and Procurement Manager

East Lothian Council

We had a rough idea of where we wanted to go, but we didn’t know exactly how to get there. So Canon’s experience of implementing a range of different solutions for other clients really helped us arrive at the right solution.

Julie Caughey, Finance Manager

EH Booth & Co Ltd

As a result of our policy to work where possible with local suppliers, the range and format of the invoices they submit to our stores varies similarly– from hand-written ones to multipage, paper invoices to electronic invoices. The new invoice processing system gives Booths greater functionality with regards to processing the invoices and greater knowledge of the invoices that are circulating within the business.

Steve Sumner, Financial Controller



The Arizona 660XT means we are able to avoid compromising quality and delivery time. We can offer point-of-sale materials in lower volumes at competitive prices.

Kirsten van Brummen, Elwe Special Promotions

Enfield Council


Working with Canon, we’ve made fundamental steps in building the foundations to safeguard the department’s position and to nurture future growth.

Eureco-Pharma BV

Until last year I had accepted the disadvantages of outsourcing leaflet printing and never enquired about the possibilities. However, after I spoke to someone from Canon, I began to understand the potential benefits.

Jan de Kreij, Managing Director & owner



As a wealth management company, it goes with the territory that brand integrity has to be faultless to breed confidence inside and outside the orginsation. Canon has played a pivotal role in upholding that integrity.

Vanessa O’Reilly, Marketing Manager

Eyes on Media

The image quality and application possibilities of the Arizona machines has greatly enhanced our photo-printing service and helped us to win new business. We were delighted to be contacted by World Press Photo, whom we had admired for many years. We knew, with the support of Canon and the Arizona, that we could handle the demanding brief.

Martin Minoli, Business owner


Canon has given us a great deal of support to get the most out of the ONYX workflow suite for advanced colour management. It’s a crucial aspect of the workflow for us and the consistency of output from the Océ Arizona now is exceptional.

Martin Prager, Director, Falquon

FC Dordrecht


We wanted to record extremely high-quality images at all times, particularly in parts of the stadium with minimal light. We felt that moving from analogue to digital was the only way to achieve this.

Jacques de Zeeuw, Security Officer


Right from the start Canon worked closely with Formara, supporting us in identifying the right solution to meet our needs, then giving us a comprehensive overview of how the solution would fit into and benefit our business, and finally providing an installation and training that made for a smooth transition and has boosted productivity.

Freddie Kienzler, Managing Director

Francis Combe Academy


Canon was the only supplier that really centred on our needs, and put forward clear measures that could be taken to realise our long-term vision.

Chris Turton – e-manager

FT Solutions


Investing in these leading-edge digital print systems is crucial to our success going forward, and has already delivered fantastic benefits for FT Solutions and our customers such as increased quality and greater flexibility.

Tom Gurd, Managing Director

Gary Knight

I’ve had this printer now for six years and there’s no way I would consider buying anything else. It really does whatever I ask it to do and would ever ask it to do and it does it really well and really consistently. I’m thrilled with it – in fact, it’s my favourite piece of equipment.

Gary Knight


I wanted something robust, easy to operate and adaptable to our needs. There are lots of well designed solutions available but, for a small business like mine with seven employees, some document management solutions would never pay for themselves.

Friedrich Staller, Managing Director

Hertsmere Borough Council


Canon demonstrated a commitment to our long-term strategy, explaining in detail how digital printing could help us cost-effectively operate with the speed, flexibility and high standard expected by the council.

Mark Roberts

hs Druck

Canon delivered an Essential Business Builder course on print personalisation here at our premises. Their expert guidance really helped the whole team to understand the potential of the technology and to feel confident, both operationally and in terms of how we could market these capabilities to clients.

Helmut Hörmanseder, Founding Partner


We’ve gained in so many ways. Print-related costs have been substantially reduced, which has significant impact on our bottom line. We have far fewer devices, which are more flexible and resilient, and we have the right machines in the right places. We can now re-charge print with precision, and also deliver consistently high-quality colour to our clients

Sue Chick, Project Manager



We’re aiming to grow volumes by 25% by end of 2015, and by additional 15% by 2016. Thanks to Canon’s support and technology, we’re well on our way to achieving our business objectives.

Atle Andreassen, Founder



Thanks to cooperation from Canon we were able to setup a relatively fast-growing sign department.

Adrie Hoogeveen, Company Director



While the technology is important, of course, it wasn’t the only reason that I chose Canon. The service package that comes with its devices, which includes aftercare, training and support, was what sealed the deal for us. Based on previous experience, I knew they would work with us to ensure that we received a print solution that would change our business.

Dan Batek, Technology and Finance, KAHLE

KEPLER University


We worked with Canon to find an answer that would bring immediate relief to our students, in the least disruptive way.

Alexander Freischlager, Leading Operations Manager

Kuttab Publishing

Over time, the Workflow Portal provided us with the business intelligence to take decisions on areas where we should focus investments and resources, and areas that we should outsource. I believe that for a company of our size and nature, speed and agility is a deciding factor of success, and without Canon’s enabling solutions, we would not have been able to build such an encouraging and culturally-relevant offering for the UAE

Jamal Alshehhi, Founder



Canon’s approach to helping us meet our business challenges reflects our own methodology and this is always appreciated. It is this relationship that will be key to any future investments we make. We have been happy working with Canon up to this point and will certainly continue working with them in the future.

Andre Philpot, Operations Director

Kyas Photography

The imagePROGRAF is supporting the studio’s growth. We’re getting better, bigger jobs and, importantly, projects that we’re passionate about. With the additional time the machine provides us, we can now focus on the personalised portfolios for each clients’ project with even optimum focus, taking great care to create, correct and improve our photographs so they’re the best they can possibly be.

Jörg Kyas, Kyas Photography

London Borough of Newham

Remote diagnostics and maintenance is common in IT and we believed that a similar approach could deliver significant benefits to our print operation. In addition, we also knew that we could then better understand trends in our print usage, which would help us shape our future print strategy.

Gary Sussex, ICT Services Manager

Leeds City Council


The priority for us was to implement a smart solution that would save the Council money and give us all back our time.

Kirsty McCarthy, MPS Manager

LO Media


By applying the knowledge we obtained from Canon and from the independent training, we have the capability to offer high quality digital services, and have the vision and patience to think more strategically.

Lars Langbo, Production Manager

Mailing Andalucia


The investment in a Canon imagePRESS 1135 monochrome production press and a high capacity stacker delivered an immediate impact on productivity

Daniel Sánchez, Director

Marne Drukkers

Manually collating large format posters takes a lot of time and money so we decided to look for a better solution.

Guus Sligter, Company Director

Martin Parr


Whether in our studio in London or at pop-up shows worldwide, with the support of Canon we are able to bring Martin’s photography to life in compelling ways and ensure his work stands the test of time.

Louis Little, print production manager

Maya Vik

A lot of our success is due to the amazing level of professionalism and support provided by Canon. The production quality of everything Canon delivered was really high and to have a partner who could supply all our media needs for this cross-media project was just amazing.

Pål Laukli, Professional Photographer

Nama d.d. Ljubljana


We’re incredibly pleased with our new surveillance system. Since its implementation we’ve significantly reduced theft in the store and have now set ourselves a new goal to reduce that amount even further. The system is easy to use and has enabled us to improve the way we interact with and sell to our customers.

Branka Jerala, Marketing Director

The University of Nottingham

Our university explores the latest technology such as 3D printing. The Canon solution has been fantastic - we can produce fine, delicate models that the architecture students require.

John Morgan, Assistant Professor of Architecture

Online Reprographics


Canon showed faith in us from the beginning and we try to replicate that with the way we work with our customers.

John Foy, Founder

Orange Business Services


Canon not only had the proven expertise in mobile printing that we were looking for, but also as a global company, we were conscious that Canon also had the scale to support us beyond the UK.

Nick Jones, Head of Real Estate and FM North & Western Europe



There is constant dialogue with Canon to help us promote our services.

Asad Butt, Print Manager


The change from the old printer to the Arizona was prompted by having problems with ink adhesion with our old printer.

Job ten Doeschate, Company Director


Efficiency is key of course, but reliability is also vital. You may have this great piece of kit, but if it’s down 10% of the time, you have a problem. That’s not a problem we’ve had with Canon. Even if a machine goes down, it’s never for long because the service guys are in and out in under two hours.

Andy Cork, Printondemand-worldwide Managing Director

Pulp Grafisk


With support from Canon, Pulp Grafisk has doubled its large format print capacity and removed the reliance on third-party providers to deliver print jobs.

Terje Gulbrandsen



Canon were very honest in their approach and told us exactly what would be achievable with DSF and what benefits we could expect to see.

Lisa Grandcourt, Head of Facilities

Replay Studio


Canon has always been a great sounding board for us, putting forward ideas and providing expertise advice when necessary. They listened carefully to us and knew exactly what would give our company the edge.

Andy Halasz, Administrator



Canon’s advice, both through the Business & Innovation Scan and as part of its sales proposition, pointed towards a more strategic approach to reinvent our business.

Kurt Habersatter, CEO

Rohner Spiller


As a result of our partnership with Canon, crossmedia is now a big part of our service offering and our customer campaigns are more measureable.

Remo Martin, CEO

Sanders Group

The Océ Arizonas have changed my company. During the financial crisis, many other companies went under, but these machines allowed me to make more money with less turnover. Essentially my turnover went down but my margin went up as I turned the material I once traded into something of a higher value. I was able to fulfil a demand in the market for short turnaround times, bespoke applications and creative solutions.

Marco de Wert, Managing Director

Sarab Entreprenad AB


It changed the way we work. The incoming invoices are sorted in a way that we couldn’t imagine before. And I have more time to be out in the field at the project with my employees and customers.

Johan Selenius Rosengren, Company Director


If I could sum up being a Canon customer in one word, it would be ‘relieved’. From the reliability and flexibility of the machines to the service and support offered by staff and engineers, I would find it hard to pick fault anywhere.

Darren James, Managing Director


Because of the range of services we offer, we have created a broad and diverse customer base that is very loyal and excited about working with us. This boosts our global reputation, and we now have orders coming in from as far as the USA and China.

Alessandro Locatelli, CEO


We needed a consultancy approach to gain insights in our customer drivers. What we needed was a resolution and a strategy, but these didn’t appear to exist until Canon Enterprise Services got involved.

Richard Houppermans, Manager of Business Services

Stralfors UK


Most of our customers are now utilising one-path production. The capabilities of the ColorStream mean that they’re now able to do more, such as bringing in digital images to support their dynamic messages. It’s all about improving and making more relevant the information they give to customers.

Tony Plummer, UK Managing Director

The Print Foundry

Canon has been a great partner to work with. We often bounce ideas off them, discuss new ideas for products and how best to utilise the imagePROGRAFs, and they’re around in a second if we need anything.

Renato Tavares, Founder

The Student Hotel


Canon has supported us in many ways – not only with its high quality cameras, but also with its excellent levels of pre-sale support. We were able to create a solution that was easy for our team to use and perfectly met our needs.

Jan-Pieter Muis, Asset Manager

TJ International


The impact the technology and workflow has had on productivity is significant; we can now produce soft cover books in just 24 hours and hard cover books in 48. Without the skills, expertise and consultation services of Canon, this would have been impossible.

Angus Clark, CEO


Today, printer and multifunction systems support is much better because it’s performed by Canon experts. As a result, we as the IT department can focus on our core tasks. What’s more, we print at lower costs than ever before.

Florian Benthin, Head of Desktop Services

University of Glasgow


More than £5.5 million should be saved over the 5-year project, which is a phenomenal story.

Van Dillewijn Group

We now have a firm grip on our accounts payable system and are processing the invoices 40% quicker than before. With the addition of the money saved from the reduced penalty fines, the Canon solution has resulted in a 30% cost saving overall.

Bert Rijkmans, Information and Communication Executive


The two Canon imagePRESS devices have proved to be the ideal complement to the existing offset and digital mix. They offer a balance of productivity and quality that is perfect for a large proportion of our work, and as the demand for rapid turnaround of short run jobs escalates among our customers.

Helmuth Oschmann, Printroom Manager

Von Hagen

The Océ Arizona has it all; size, productivity and the versatility to deal with a wide variety of flexible and rigid materials. Together, this means we can offer clients a much more cost-effective and time-efficient way of creating their stands. Now that we can print on any substrates, we can realise virtually any creative idea.

Von Hagen


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