Recycling Starts With You

Spanning across 16 countries throughout Europe, recycling starts as soon as the used toner cartridge is taken out of the printer. Each new toner cartridge comes with clear instructions on how to return the old toner cartridge to us. We’ve made everything easy, so you don’t have to go out of your way.

Just place the used toner cartridge in the bag that contained the new toner cartridge and seal it inside the same box. Then simply download pre-paid return labels through our e-Return site, to tape on the box before posting. We pay for shipping to the nearest recycling plant.

For those offices with a considerable toner cartridge turnover, we can supply large boxes for recycling. Please refer to the brochure in your cartridge box or our e-Return site to see if a bulk recycling programme is available in your country. If so, you then simply notify us when these boxes are full – and they will be collected and replaced.

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Recycling Starts With You
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