Self-Cleaning Sensor

The EOS Integrated Cleaning System combats dust on the sensor in three important ways: Reduce, Repel and Remove.

1.    Reduce
Materials used in the shutter mechanism and body cap are engineered to minimise dust generation within the camera itself.

2.    Repel
Anti-static technologies are applied to the low-pass filter covering the front of the sensor so as not to attract dust.

3.    Remove
A Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit uses hi-frequency vibrations to shake off lingering dust on start-up. To enable immediate shooting, the cleaning cycle stops instantly if the shutter is pressed. The cycle repeats when the camera is switched off and can be manually activated at any time.

The EOS Integrated Cleaning System also incorporates Dust Delete Data, a software-based feature that maps the position of any visible dust. Dust spots can then be deleted after the shoot with Digital Photo Professional software.