Picture Style

Picture Style presets simplify the control of image processing parameters. Just like different film types, each Picture Style preset offers a different colour response to suit your shooting requirements – whether it's subtle skin tones in a portrait shot, or the blue sky of a landscape.

When shooting in Creative Zone modes, you can adjust sharpness, contrast, colour tone and saturation within each of the six Picture Style presets provided. Three User Defined options allow you to create custom Picture Styles for your own unique photographic expression. A total of over 48,000 possible setting combinations are available.

Picture Styles also make it easy to achieve consistent image outputs when swapping from one camera body to the next. An EOS 400D set on ‘Standard’ Picture Style will produce images with the same image qualities as the EOS-1D Mark III set on ‘Standard’.

Picture Style information is fixed onto JPEG images at the time of capture. When shooting RAW images, all Picture Style information can be adjusted in Digital Photo Professional after the shoot. You can download additional Picture Style presets from Canon for use in Digital Photo Professional.