Live View Mode

Live View Mode
Live View mode allows you to view the scene in real time on the camera’s LCD screen. Live View mode makes it easier to capture images from awkward positions or from a tripod: the view can be magnified 5 or 10 times to aid manual focusing; exposure and depth-of-field can be checked and fine-tuned before the picture is taken. All creative shooting modes and drive modes are selectable when shooting in Live View mode. Evaluative metering is used to determine exposure.

Shooting information can be superimposed on the screen to aid with shot preparation. Options include brightness and RGB histograms, a grid display to help with composition, and aspect ratios for typical photo sizes.

For studio photographers, Live View mode can be used with an external monitor or EOS Utility. Images can then be captured remotely with art directors or clients in attendance, saving precious time on the shoot.

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